In Some Banks, The $20 Commemorative Notes Were Sold Out Within 15 Minutes

Image: STOMP / Carousell

In case you don’t know, Singapore has $20 notes now.

And if you’ve read our article before, you’ll know that it’s not exactly new. We used to have $20 notes.

They’re making a comeback today, in fact, and there are 2 million of these super-special notes available at 9 major retail banks.

They are:

  • DBS Bank Limited / POSB
  • Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited
  • United Overseas Bank Limited
  • Bank of China Limited
  • Citibank Singapore Limited
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
  • Malayan Banking Berhad
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

But that’s not important.

What’s really important is each person is limited to 20 pieces and yet…

The Competition is Fierce

As much as people don’t like the “bicentennial” angle this year, Singaporeans still get excited over the $20 notes.

And why do I know that?

Because this.

Image: STOMP

Okay, let me try and give you a fuller picture.

Image: STOMP

Okay…that’s a lot of people, you say.

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

Now try this.

Image: STOMP
Source: gfycat

Just to clarify, they’re not queueing up for Huawei P30 or iPhone XX.

They’re queuing up for the $20 commemorative notes.

And Some Banks Are Sold Out

Yes. Sold Out.

The UOB branch at Hougang, where the people in the photos above are queuing for, was all out of the commemorative notes at 10 am.

And naturally, people got upset.

Because for one, the bank gave out queue numbers. Even those who turned up early and got queue numbers were told there are no more notes for them.

And secondly, there are people who turned up and bragged about how they got commemorative notes at another bank before coming to UOB.

Zaobao also reported that the DBS and OCBC bank branches at Toa Payoh ran out of commemorative notes shortly after opening.

The DBS branch ran out half an hour after opening. OCBC beat their timing by 15 minutes.

But that’s not the best part.

This is.

Commemorative Notes Are Now Being Sold on Carousell

Feeling curious about where the commemorative notes went, we decided to do a quick search on Carousell.

And this is what we found.

Image: Carousell
Image: Carousell


Even the Numismatic Currency Set wasn’t spared.

Image: Carousell

So if you can’t get queue up for commemorative $20 notes, maybe you’ll want to see if you are willing to give a bit more to get it on Carousell.

As long as the price difference isn’t too crazy, that is.

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