Indonesia Is So Hot People Are Cooking Eggs Under The Sun


Singaporeans and the Sun have a complicated relationship.

We need the Sun because, well, we’d die without it. The problem is that the Sun knows this. That’s why every day it burns our bodies with its scorching sunlight, melting our insides and our minds.

Heat in relationships is good, but on certain days when the Sun is feeling particularly sociopathic, it’ll increase its already boiling temperature, leaving us to drown in a puddle of our own sweat.

But if you think we have it bad, try living in Indonesia.

Increasing temperatures

According to Sinar Harian, the Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysical Agency of Indonesia (BMKG) said the country will probably experience temperatures of up to 39 degrees Celsius till the end of October.

For comparison, Singapore’s average temperature ranges from 27 to 32 degrees Celsius.

So, in other words, it’s getting hot in Indonesia.

People aren’t just sitting around and sulking about, however, they’re making use of the sweltering sun.

Cooking eggs

A video circulating on social media has revealed a strange new trend amidst the increasing temperatures in the island country; people are cooking eggs under the sun.

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Diprediksi BMKG wilayah Pulau Jawa, Bali, Nusa Tenggara Barat hingga Nusa Tenggara Timur akan mengalami musim tanpa hujan hingga November mendatang. Panas ekstrem ini dirasakan di beberapa wilayah di Pulau Jawa yang tak kunjung hujan, suhu di siang hari bisa mencapai 37 derajat celcius. Suhu ekstrem ini dimanfaatkan salah satu netizen di Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta untuk memasak telur di bawah terik sinar matahari. Unggahan video tersebut direkam salah satu netizen Irvan_ml dan diunggah akun merapi_news di Twitter. Dalam video berdurasi 31 detik tersebut, telrihat sebuah penggorengan diletakan di paving di bawah terik sinar matahari, lalu salah satu netizen memecahkan telur tersebut di penggorengan. Karena panas yang ekstrem, telur tersebut matang dan menghasilkan suara layaknya terkena minyak panas di atas kompor. Sumber: Foto & Video: #instamakassar #exploremakassar #makassardagang #makassarkeren #exploresulsel #kaosmakassar #makassarcity #SulawesiSelatan #Sulawesiutara #Sulawesitengah #distrotoraja #sulsel #Sulawesibarat #makassarinfo #makassar #makassarhits #sulawesi #infokejadianmakassar #paidpromotemurah #kaospremium #localbrandindonesia #visitmakassar #infomakassar

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The video shows someone cracking an egg over a frying pan placed on the pavement. The egg immediately sizzles when it hits the pan and starts cooking like it would on a regular stove.

Can you imagine living in temperatures hot enough to make an egg sizzle?

Sinar Harian also posted pictures of another woman frying an egg on a wok in the streets:

Image: Sinar Harian

The woman poured oil into the pan, cracked the egg over the wok, and even sprinkled some seasoning in it.

We are unable to find the video, but according to World of Buzz, the egg cooked almost instantly.

Is it really possible?

Well, Agus Haryono, the Vice Director of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) says it is.


However, contrary to what the sizzling eggs might imply, Haryono said Indonesians are not experiencing boiling temperatures because water only boils at 100 degrees, as you’d know if you paid attention in science class.

He added that it would require a temperature of at least 170 to 180 degrees Celsius to cook using oil.

(Wait, really?)

Because of that, it would take a long time for an egg to fully cook under the sun. So, it’s possible that people left their pans out in the sun for a while before cooking their eggs.

A street pre-heating, if you will.


I personally think it’s an eggcellent way to make use of the heat.