Influencer Shamed Online For Laughing During Aloysius Pang’s Funeral; Made To Apologise To Angry Netizens

During a wedding, it’s normal to see two different kinds of reactions:

  • Jovial smiles
  • Tears

Which might come off as a tad bit illogical, considering how weddings are technically ‘happy’ events, and you don’t normally associate the word ‘happy’ with tears.

Unless, of course, you’re talking about a guy who has loved the bride for 10 years and has to watch her marry another man… that’s different. But hey this is hardly a k-drama, so probability’s high that it’s just the notion ‘tears of joy’ at work.

Image: Imgur

And yet, you can’t help but wonder about the polar opposite of a wedding. No, not a divorce, though that’s contextually correct. Rather I’m preaching about something that holds a significance rather contrary to that of a wedding:

A funeral.

Now, during a funeral, you’re normally expected to keep a stoic face, if not for appearance than for the sombre mood during the wake. But let’s face it; at some point in time, someone’s gonna crack a joke to uplift the mood and you’re gonna want to smile at it.

That doesn’t mean that you’re showing disrespect at the wake though; it just means you appreciate the joke.

But some didn’t get it

If you’ve been following the news recently, you would know that Aloysius Pang, a popular local actor, has passed away due to military-afflicted injuries and was cremated earlier on Sunday (27 Jan) evening.

But much unlike previous articles, this one would not be pertaining to the deceased actor himself, but something rather different:

The picture of an influencer ‘laughing’ during his wake, to be exact.

Can’t see it? Here’s a zoom-in, courtesy of Mothership:

As you can clearly see, Soh Pei Shi, a local beauty blogger, is caught ‘laughing’ while her grieving friend’s being comforted, hug and all.

Which would sound rather wrong contextually, but the fact remains that we don’t know what’s happening, and for all we know she might’ve been laughing because she wore the wrong pair of socks or something.

And… Netizens jumped on it

After TODAY posted the photo, several Netizens blasted Pei Shi for her lack of ‘respect’.

Image: TODAY
Image: TODAY
Image: TODAY
Image: TODAY
Image: TODAY

Though to be fair, others defended the influencer.

Image: TODAY

But the damage’s done

Following a huge roaring debate, the ‘perpetrator in question’ decided to respond to all the furore.

Here’s her Insta-story apology:

Image: speishi Instagram

Long story short, Pei Shi had been laughing at something else before someone appeared and gave her friend a hug.

Which means that in all respects, she wasn’t actually showing ‘disrespect’.

Incidentally, Aloysius’ girlfriend, Jayley Woo, stepped in to give her opinion on the whole matter as well.


Here’s what she penned on her own Instagram Stories:

Image: Jayley Woo Instagram

And so the main gist of it?

Don’t judge a book by its cover, and don’t judge a picture by its surface content.

Because quite honestly, there’s a reason why people constantly preach:

“A picture speaks a thousand words.”

Image: Tenor

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