Inspirational Grab Food Rider With Disability Has Tied The Knot In Simple Wedding Ceremony

Being a Grab Food rider can be tough.

This is aside from the PMD related stuff since we’ve talked to death about that.

But imagine doing a job that has you travel through burning Singapore weather only to sometimes meet a complaining customer.

Now imagine doing this in the shoes of Ms Sumaiyah Ghazali, a woman with cerebral palsy.

Image: Berita Harian, Singapore (Khalid Baba)

Being wheelchair-bound makes things a whole lot harder to do the job.

Recently, Ms Sumaiyah’s name reached the new again but this time for even more wholesome reasons.

Wedding Bells

All of you are starting to smile now, don’t lie.

I am too.

The Grab Food Rider recently got married on 30 November!

In fact, Berita Harian even made a Facebook post to congratulate her on it.

As of this writing, the post has gotten over 233 shares, 108 comments, and 1,200 likes.

The post basically congratulates Ms Sumaiyah for getting married and that the couple will last till heaven.

That’s so sweet!

They had a very simple void deck wedding ceremony and were surrounded by their loved ones.

Image: Facebook (Berita Harian)

Sometimes you don’t need any fancy party, it’s the love and effort that matters most.

Why She Works

I like to think this happy blessing comes as a part of all the struggles Ms Sumaiyah goes through.

As stated earlier, she suffers from cerebral palsy. This basically makes her unable to walk and causes the muscles in her fingers to be very weak.

In a video, she mentions attempting office jobs but would often drop papers often.

Image: Facebook (Berita Harian)

She feels that with her current job, she can at least do something useful for the community.

As an added bonus, Ms Sumaiyah says that her pay can be used to treat her parents to meals.

Watch such filial piety really makes my heart warm.

Image: Giphy

If her siblings were the only ones working, she would “feel useless”. She works to not only show her family gratitude but also learn to be independent as well.

Alright, too much wholesomeness. Going to cry now.

The next time we think of a problem too big, let us remember Ms Sunaiyah.

A person who has trouble even moving can do delivery jobs, be independent and inspire us not to give up as well.

Bravo to this amazing lady and congratulations on your marriage! May you be blessed for as long as you live.



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