Introverts, Rejoice: There’s a “Facebook” Created by Introverts for Introverts!


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 4:38 pm

One of the challenges an introvert faces in life is constantly putting up with human-contact that they consider irrelevant. Introverts prefer to have meaningful relationships with people and not the passive kind of human interaction which is oh-so-dull and a huge waste of time. Being an introvert myself, it’s not easy to find other human beings that are like myself, who crave to be inspired and want to make the world a better place.

That was until Anomo was created! This “Facebook” by introverts for introverts is an app that helps introverts meet those whom they’re most compatible with. It allows for less effort and cutting the small talk to find people with similar interests through an ice breaker game which is definitely a plus!

Anomo connects you with people only when it’s absolutely necessary depending on the level of compatibility you share! Which means that you can do away with those who are irrelevant and are a waste of your precious time! Brilliant!

Also, being an introvert, we don’t like to be out in public for too long so Anomo is a good way of meeting new people and making friends without having to leave the comforts of our home, which can be too much of a hassle. Want to make new friends in your PJs or sweats? No problem!

On top of that, Anomo also promises their users safe, uplifting and real community by setting these great guidelines to follow:

Rule No. 1: Be a Good Influence to the Community- People whom you meet on Anomo are those who can better your life which also means the same is expected of you.

Rule No. 2: No Trolling or Bullying–Which is definitely something true introverts are against and Anomo will immediately ban such users from the app.

Rule No. 3: PG-13 limit–Anomo is very strict with explicit content since there are also Anomo users whom are under 18 years of age. Those who post such content will be immediately removed and banned from using the app.

Another great thing about Anomo is that you can keep your real identity private to other users until you feel comfortable to do so with them.

You can choose what you want to reveal about yourself and to whom. So if you feel like you’ve really made a connection with another user, you can reveal yourself to them. The choice is yours.

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