Everything About iOS 14, Which Will Have ‘Mini Apps’ & Many Other New Features

Lest you’re unaware, it has been announced that iOS 14 will soon be available for Apple systems all around the world.

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But what is iOS 14 all about, and will it be worth those precious 15 minutes of updating time?

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Well, we are here to help.

And so without further ado, here are 10 facts… actually, screw that;

Here’s everything you got to know about iOS 14, the operating system with ‘mini-apps’ and many other features:


To kick off the whole iOS 14 hype train, home-screen Widgets will finally be available to iPhone users.

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Coming in a variety of sizes, these widgets are resizeable according to your needs, and can be opened from the home screen.

There’s also a widget called the Smart Stack that will purportedly provide you with the most important updates of the day, such as the weather forecast in the morning, your obligations in the afternoon and smart home controls at night.

Also, there will be an upgraded picture-in-picture functionality, which will allow you to watch a video and use other apps at the same time.

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Multitasking just soared to a whole new level.

App Library

There will also be a new feature called the App Library.

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Essentially an expansion of the pre-existing folder function, the App Library serves to group all of your apps into different, convenient folders. Apps are also automatically organised depending on their use.

You’ll also get a search bar at the top of the App Library screen, which will allow you to search for individual apps. Suggested apps will also be available at the top of the screen.

App Clips

Always wanted a trial version of an app to ascertain whether it’s worth the full download?

Well, you’ll have it soon.

Apple Clips is a new feature in iOS 14 that will allow you to use an app without having to download tons of files.

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Essentially trial versions, these “light and fast” renditions are accessible via a card that appears at the bottom of your screen.

If you’re satisfied with the experience, you can also download the full app directly from the app clip without having to go to the app store!

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Siri And Messages

Every Apple user’s favourite A.I. will also be getting an upgrade. You can now ask Siri questions without having to trigger the individual screen.

Instead, a streamlined interface will appear at the top of the screen.

There will also be a new app called Translation, which will allow you to translate apps in 11 different languages including English, Russian, Spanish, German, Mandarin and more.

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The app can be utilised offline, and your data (within the app) will remain private.

In iOS 14, you’ll be able to pin conversations to the top of the Messages page.

You will also be able to reply directly to individual messages in group chats with ‘in-line replies’. The option to direct messages to a certain individual (in a group chat) will also be available.

There will also be new updates for Memoji, as well as face coverings for those who crave the 2020 look.

Image: Apple

Apple Maps

Apple’s map finding function is also getting a real boost in the latest update.

For one, Apple Maps will be inserting nifty guides for the user’s convenience. These guides will provide information like trails, places to eat and varying tourist attractions.

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For two, there’ll be a cycling function in the feature, which will allow cyclists to learn of bike lanes, steep hills and dreaded staircases ahead of time. Only certain nations and cities, however, are available for use, for now.

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Electric car users will also be able to use the Apple Maps function to track their current charge, as well as learn of areas where charging-up is available.

Apple’s CarPay feature is also turning your iPhone into a digital set of keys for your car. With the help of NFC, you can unlock your car with your phone and even grant other users access to your vehicle.

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The feature will be coming first to the 2021 BMW 5 Series.

While unconfirmed, the new iOS system is speculated to be released only after September this year. So until then…

We’ll just have to wait it out.

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