New iPhone Update Will Allow Face ID Users to Unlock Their Phones With Their Mask On But It’s Just Going Back in Time


Users of the iPhone experienced a very real first world problem when COVID-19 started.

Their thousand-dollar phones suddenly decided they don’t recognise their owners anymore… because they have to wear masks.

iPhones around the world be like:

Image: KnowYourMeme

Imagine being forced to do push-ups or being fined because you were desperately trying to unlock your phone. (It probably never happened, but would be hilarious if it did.)

Workarounds for iPhone Users Even Appeared On The News

The first world problem was real enough that it even appeared on the news. The Straits Times spent 7 minutes on the segment The Big Story teaching people how to unlock iPhones with Face ID while wearing a mask.

The Big Story also covers important topics such as debates on the fake news law, the necessity of circuit breaker, and the resignation of Mahathir as Malaysia’s prime minister.

The Straits Times isn’t the only news outlet covering the big first world problem. The Wall Street Journal and Business Insider, for instance, had also covered the topic.

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While iPhone users around the world were struggling with their 7-minute method of training their iPhones to recognise them with masks on, I was laughing at them with my phone that has fingerprint sensors.

Apple-user: Just you wait until WHO start recommending we wear gloves!

But Apple Update Now Allow You To Unlock Your iPhones With Masks On

Not going to lie. I initially thought Apple did some magic tech voodoo software update that made iPhones more powerful in facial recognition.

I was only made disappointed when it is revealed Apple simply reverted back to old technology: manual passcodes.


The update of iOS13.5 beta 3 — currently only released to developers — meant that iPhones will automatically prompt users to manually input passcodes instead of continuously trying to unlock via biometric means.

Given that there was already a previous solution of changing your settings, this feature of the update is a quality of life change so users don’t have to go through the cumbersome process.

Additionally, the update gives users the option to disable FaceTime enlarging the image of the person speaking, which does not work well for groups.

The update is still in beta and will probably take at least a few weeks before public release.