iPhones Have A Hidden Function To Scan Documents Without An App


For the longest time, scanning documents has been a pain.

Sure, those with scanners would never have to face such chronic troubles. But those without?

Sheer torture.

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Thankfully, there are quite a few apps that permit the use of scanning with just your phone. But of course, as a Wise Old Man once said:

“Nothing comes free in this world.”

And indeed, more often than not, you’ll need to subscribe to the app’s services in order to acquire continued usage of it. Not quite worth the dough, if I may say so.

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But the days of worrying are gone

Or at least, iPhone users will no longer have to worry about scanning difficulties.

For the iPhone’s so much more than just your worse-than-Android model…


It can actually scan documents for you, without the usage of a third-party app.

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How does it work, you wonder? Well for the sake of this article, I’ll be embarking on a painstakingly step-by-step guide of the entire process, not because I feel duty-bound but because I just love you guys so much-

Editor: Bullshit, you’re only doing it because I asked you to.

So, how does it go? Well, first off you gotta go to your Notes app.

(P.S. To all PR firms, now you know why we can’t reply to all emails. Take a look at this joker’s unread emails)

Once there, create a new note, and you should arrive at this page.

At this point, I wish for you to observe the plus button I’ve so kindly circled for you down below:

Because this, this is the icon that’s going to solve all your problems. Well except for your relationship troubles; because they’ll need other physical forms of scanning to rectify themselves.

Editor: Can you just get on with it already?

Fine, fine.

Click on the plus button, and your phone will provide four options:

Tap on ‘Scan Documents’, and you’ll be prompted to take a photo of your intended document.


(P.S.S Michelle Chong really autographed for us, but that’s obviously not my table)

A yellow outline will appear, and for the next few seconds, you’ll just be busy trying to position your phone correctly in order to take that one, proper shot.

Thankfully, unlike other stuff you have quite a lot of chances, so no worries about not making it count.

Once you get that picture perfect angle, tap the shoot button.

If you’re unsatisfied with your picture, you can manually adjust the edges to fit your document in its entirety.

When you’re satisfied, simply tap on ‘Keep Scan’ in the bottom right corner, and it’ll be saved to your Notes. Thereafter, take a screenshot of your phone, and you’ll get a full copy of your document. No charges incurred. No hassle required. Just like that.


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Amazing? Amazing.

So what’re you waiting for?

If you’ve been paying exorbitant costs for apps that do a ‘meh’ job at scanning your documents, I’ll advise that you ditch that shit and start using this hidden trick of Apple’s instead.

But of course, that’s provided you own an iPhone.

Too bad huh, Android peeps 😉

Editor: You do know that Android people can use Google Drive to scan documents right?

Me: Hah, but it’s way more convenient for us iPhone users. Isn’t that right, Mr Boss?

Mr Boss: I using Nokia 3310. Is that a new term for iPhone? Like lit, salty, ghost thingy? Btw another PR company called, asking if we’ve received an email they sent about a media release. You know anything about it?


Me: Boss you very the handsome.

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