IPPT & RT Suspended for NSmen Due to COVID-19; Units to Help ‘Last-Min Bookers’

Just three days ago, I wrote an article, stating that ICT and IPPT will still go on because according to Senior Minister of State for Defence Heng Chee How, “We have to defend this country whether or not there is a virus situation.”

Also, chao recruits have to do more area cleaning so their bunks won’t be that chao.

In fact, a day before I wrote that, I received a friendly SMS from Mindef, reminding me to book my RT keep fit

How the tide have turned, because Mindef now says that non-ICT IPPTs, IPTs and RTs will be suspended until End-February as all FCCS will be closed.

Too bad, I’ve actually wanted to keep fit during this COVID-19 period.

If you catch no balls, then watch this video on the obligations we NSmen have to fulfil:

Now, moving on…

IPPT & RT Suspended for NSmen; Units to Help for ‘Last-Min Bookers’

Yesterday night, Mindef posted this:

Lest you can’t read, here’s what’s written:

All NSmen take note! In view of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) situation, the SAF Fitness Conditioning Centres (FCCs) will be temporarily closed, and the conduct of the Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT), IPPT Preparatory Training (IPT) and Remedial Training (RT) at FCCs, SAFRA gyms and IPT-in-the-Park locations will be temporarily suspended until end-February 2020. This is to minimise the close congregation of large numbers of NSmen at these locations solely for the conduct of physical activities, as the facilities can get very crowded during these sessions.

NSmen who have scheduled these activities in February at the aforementioned locations will receive an SMS informing them about the cancellation.

However, do note that the conduct of IPPT will still continue at the unit level for NSmen attending In-Camp Training (ICT).

MINDEF will continue to review and implement additional measures and adjust its policies to safeguard the well-being of national servicemen, according to the developments of the virus situation in Singapore.

For NSmen whose birthday window to take IPPT ends in February 2020, please reach out to your unit for assistance. For further IPPT- and IPT-related queries, please call the 24-hour NS Hotline at 1800-367-6767 or email [email protected] for assistance.

If it’s tl;dr, here’s what is mentioned in point form:

  • All FFCs are closed due to COVID-19 until end-February 2020
  • Those IPT-in-the-Park and SAFRA gyms used for IPT / IPPT / RT will be suspended too
  • If you’ve booked a slot, you’d be receiving an SMS about the cancellation
  • However, IPPT during ICT will still be conducted since they’re not done in FCCs by PTIs but by your friends who can help you by failing their maths encourage you to do better
  • If your window ends in February 2020, you should contact your unit

Now, of course, I believe many of us take our IPPT / IPT / RT only when our window is closing because #Procrastination-is-Real. Unless you’re like BuffLord95 lah who looks at IPPT as an extra income.

The last I know, asking for that unofficial one-month extension to finish up your RT is no longer granted by FCCs because we now have one year to clear our RT.

So if you’re a last-minute booker like many of us, you’re supposed to reach out to your unit instead. If you somehow didn’t stay in contact with your unit and didn’t save any of your commanders’ number, then good luck: now you know why it’s not a good idea to be an outcast.

And before you go, remember this: ICT is still ongoing, and there’ll still be IPPT in your ICT. So keep your SAF100 and remember to go for your paid chalet.

As for NSFs, this doesn’t concern you at all. BTW, ORD lo.