Isetan in Parkway Parade to Close After 38 Years; Negotiations With Landlord Failed

For many Easties, the Isetan Parkway Parade outlet is something… special.

It is, after all, the first Isetan outlet in Singapore’s heartlands (excluding the Havelock and Liat Towers outlets).

But it seems that all good things must come to an end.

In March 2022, its run of nearly 40 years will come to a crippling stop…

As the pandemic appears to have claimed yet another victim.

Isetan in Parkway Parade to Close After 38 Years; Negotiations With Landlord Failed

Just recently, the outlet announced that it will not be extending its lease past 9 March 2022.

Apparently, talks with the respective landlord failed to garner a positive result, and it was ultimately decided that the outlet will not be getting an extension.

The last day of operations has yet to be finalised.

What’s apparent, however, is that Isetan has no plans to replace the closing outlet.

As such, Isetan will likely have only three remaining outlets by next year: the ones at NEX, Shaw House and Tampines Mall.

In appreciation of its loyal fan base, the outlet will be conducting a special sales event.

Exact details have, however, not been released.

If Isetan’s previous outlet closure was to be any indicator, however, customers can expect massive discounts to go on.

Prior Closure

Back in 2020, Isetan Westgate held two closing-down sales towards the end of its tenure.

The first one, which concluded on 26 January 2020, saw items fly off the shelves at up to 80% off their original prices.

And in March, another sale saw products going for up to 90% off their original price.

Lucky customers were able to pounce on heavily discounted pots and pans, luggage, lingerie and clothes.

The supermarket, which boasts Japanese fare, was also a keen object of affection with its 20% storewide sale.

Address: 80 Marine Parade Road, Parkway Parade, Singapore 449269

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