Istana Having Lunar New Year Open House on 12 Feb with Food Stalls & Performances


This Lunar New Year, there is an abundance of excitement beyond the delights of Pineapple Tarts, Bak Kwa, Ang Paos and the dancing Cai Shen.

There’s more.

Istana will be having a Lunar New Year open house on 12 February (Monday, which is a public holiday) – their first open house of 2024.

The best part? As usual, entry is free for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs).

Enjoy an Array of Performances, Engaging Activities and Guided Tours

The Istana Main Building, and the Istana Heritage Gallery will be open from 8:30am to 6pm, providing you with plenty of time to enrich your open house experience.

Visitors can enjoy performances orchestrated by LASALLE College of the Arts, University of the Arts Singapore, Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre and the Lion Dance Troupe, among others.

If you were planning to visit with your family, you’d be pleased to know that the performances can most definitely captivate attendees of all ages.

Younger guests can delight in contemporary performances featuring local renditions of pop songs and multicultural dances, whereas older attendees can revel in traditional performances showcased by musical ensembles, including instruments like the guzheng.

For those who prefer a more interactive experience, there will be opportunities to engage in activities such as Chinese calligraphy, allowing for a hands-on approach to cultural appreciation.

There are also two guided tours available, the first being a tour of the Istana Main Building, held from 9:30am to 4:30pm. The tour includes visiting selected function rooms and looking at a selection of State Gifts presented to Singapore’s leaders.

The second tour includes a Nature Guided Tour from 10am to 4pm, providing you with an opportunity to view the flora and fauna present in the Istana.

Both the tours are priced at $4 for Singaporeans and PRs and up to $20 for all other visitors.

Don’t worry, you can also enjoy a self-guided tour if you would like to go at your own pace. There are different options available for everyone!

Just be prepared to walk a lot, and if it rains, all the best, my friend.

Explore Culinary Delights and Exclusive Merchandise

Food stalls and a food truck will be available. Visitors will also have the chance to purchase limited-edition Istana souvenirs and Presidents’ Challenge souvenirs at the merchandise booths. The souvenirs includes caps, mugs, bookmarks, luggage tags and more.

The Presidents’ Challenge is an initiative that represents the coming together of people from all walks of life to help the less fortunate.


All proceeds from the merchandise, entrance fees and tours will go towards the agencies supported by the President’s Challenge. This includes agencies from sectors such as Children, Youth & Family, Disability, Eldercare, Mental Health and more.

Additionally, there will be two merchandise booths from Social Services Agencies (SSA) TOUCH Community Services and MINDS. The proceeds from these booths will go towards SSAs.

This means that you can use the money that you saved from the free entry and put it towards causes that are meaningful!

Admission Information and Security Guidelines

Guests can enter the Istana through the Main Gate along Orchard Road, which is next to Plaza Singapura.

While admission is free for Singaporeans and PRs, all other visitors would have to pay an entrance fee of $20 per adult and $10 per child (4 to 12 years old).


Do note that there will be extra charges for the Main Building and guided tours. If you would like to avoid the extra charges, you can simply visit the Istana Heritage Gallery instead as it’s free for all visitors.

There will also be security checks before you enter the building so do refrain from carrying sharp objects, lighters, or canned items (yes, even canned drinks) with you.

Those interested in visiting the Main Building should note that admission passes are limited and distributed on a first-come-first-served basis.

For more details, visit this link.

Whether you’re drawn by the allure of performances, the tranquillity of nature, or the taste of festive delicacies, this open house is poised to offer something special for everyone.