At Least 3 Events in S’pore, Including IT Show, Postponed Until Further Notice


If you live for the quarterly IT shows in Singapore where you can get consumer electronics at great prices, you’re going to be disappointed.

3 Events in Singapore Postponed Until Further Notice

On 11 Feb 2020, Sphere Exhibits announced that they are postponing three events that they were organising for Mar 2020:

Comex IT Show 2020


The event was supposed to take place at the Suntec Convention Centre from 12 to 15 Mar 2020.

The Food & Beverage Fair


And BuildTech Asia/Cargonow


They said that in light of the current coronavirus outbreak in Singapore, they will be postponing the events “until further notice” for the safety of their partners, exhibitors and the public.

They will make an announcement again when the events’ dates are confirmed once more.

And we think this is just the start. There’s probably going to be more because of DORSCON Orange.

Additional Measures Due To DORSCON Orange

Previously, we wrote about what DORSCON Orange actually means.

It doesn’t mean that Singapore is going to sink into the ocean; it merely meant that additional measures have to be implemented to curb the spread of the COVID-19.

You can read the full version here but here’s the TL; DR:

There are three broad categories of additional measures that have to be put into place:

Cancel/defer large-scale events or ensure necessary precautions before proceeding

Event organisers should postpone or cancel non-essential large-scale events.

If they want to continue with their events, they must ensure the following:

  • Temperature taking at the venue
  • Deny unwell individuals from the event
  • Keep a lookout for individuals with cough or runny nose
  • Ensure that the venue is well-ventilated and regular cleaning of common areas.

Daily Health Checks At Workplace, Able To Let People Work From Home

Leave of Absence and Quarantine Orders are serious business here in Singapore. Bosses are advised to put into place a system that allows people to work from home if necessary.

Workplaces should also conduct a daily health check and send employees who are unwell to the doctor.

Healthcare, Schools, Pre-Schools & Social/Eldercare Services

For groups of people who are more vulnerable, i.e. the young, the sick and the elderly, the government is putting in more measures to protect them.

Stricter temperature screening will be conducted by hospitals and patients with pneumonia will be treated separately.


Schools will also stop holding inter-school and external activities until the March holidays.

And for pre-schools, social and eldercare services, visitors will be stopped from entering the premises.