ITE Student Stabs Another Student Because She Itchy Hand Go Disturb People First

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You won’t like or agree with everyone you meet in life.

Like the eternal argument, if milk or cereal comes first, you might find people with varying opinions and stances.

I’m not telling you which one I am.

Image: Know Your Meme

It’s especially tough if you’re a teenager too, what with emotions running rampant and all that.

But unless you’re cooking food or doing a design project, the correct solution to a bad solution shouldn’t ever be to use a knife for violence.

Which, unfortunately, did happen recently.

Knife To Meet You

So let me get to the point immediately.

(It’s a knife joke, please laugh)

Logeswari Natarajah, 17, and three friends were crossing the overhead bridge in Bukit Batok Road near ITE College West at 12.30pm on 21 February.

They crossed paths with Tusheta Saravanan, 18, who was also there with two of her friends.

So this is where it gets weird, because, for no reason, the latter decided to splash green tea on Logeswari despite not knowing each other.

Source: Meme Generator

Naturally, an argument broke out, which led to Logeswari leaving soon after.

And the even more stupid part is that Tusheta suddenly got scared she would come back.

Then why would you even start the commotion in the first place?


She then moved a black foldable knife with an 8cm-long blade from her sock to her jacket pocket, an item I’m concerned she managed to bring to school.

Her fears were right, though, as Logeswari did come back with a cup of milo in her hands.

And then she splashed it, leading to another fight.

Image: memegenerator

Dire Consequences For All

The end results were not pretty for everyone.

During the fight, Tusheta proceeded to stab Logeswari in the abdomen and slash her left arm.


She even had the gall to take a golden pendant belonging to Logeswari with the intention of selling it afterwards.

Which, as you are about to find out, will not end well for the knife-wielder.

As of 8 October, Tusheta pleaded guilty to voluntarily causing hurt to Logeswari by a dangerous weapon.

Which means her sorry self got caught, good. 



Two other charges for dishonest misappropriation of property and carrying an offensive weapon in public were taken into consideration.

Moreover, it has been agreed by the prosecution and District Judge Eddy Tham that Tusheta will go through reformative training.

Because you can’t knife your problems away like Call of Duty.

The judge also called for a probation report and the case has been adjourned so the reports can be completed.

As a saying that I didn’t completely makeup goes: you pull out a knife, be careful what happens to your life.


Violence and retaliation isn’t always the answer, readers, take heed.

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