IUIGA Apologises For the Inuka Saga But Won’t be Removing Their Post: 6 Topics S’poreans Talked About Today (30 Apr)

If you didn’t know, a local retailer, IUIGA, ran into some PR problems last week.

Shortly after Inuka was put to sleep, and Singapore erupted into tears simultaneously, they announced that they’re naming their porcelain tea series after him to “cement Inuka’s legacy as the last Polar Bear in Singapore”.

Image: IUIGA Facebook Page

And it brought a ton of backlash on their brand.

Now, less than a week after they did a huge PR boo-boo, they’ve broken their silence on the matter.

IUIGA, Local Retailer Who Named Tea-Set Series After Inuka Apologises

A spokesman for Iuiga said that they launched the porcelain tea series purely as a tribute to Inuka and they’ve never wanted to profit off animal welfare, or the name itself.

He added that the team apologises for the upset caused by their post.

In addition, the proceeds from the Inuka line of products will be donated fully to the non-profit organisation, Polar Bears International.

The added that they won’t be removing their posts, but will not be posting further on the matter.

The one thing that netizens are really unhappy about is how “sincere” their apology is.

Image: IUIGA Facebook Page

Maybe they could’ve wanted to be really transparent about how much they’re going to give to charity?

What do you think?

Rotten Durian in Melbourne Caused Mass University Evacuation

The king of fruits have a strong, pungent smell and not everyone can appreciate the glorious, heavenly fragrance.

Image: asiaone.com

But to hate it so much you think it’s a gas leak? Now, before you laugh, that happened at a Melbourne University.

According to a report, 500 students and teachers were evacuated by the Victoria Police. The reason? People reported smelling ‘gas smell’ at RMIT’s library and they suspect a gas leak within the building.

The Melbourne’s Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) was called in to find the source of the leak.

And they did.

The source was a rotting durian left in a cupboard within the building. The smell travelled through the building via the air-conditioning system.

Now, before you get all incredulous, the report also mentioned that the building was used to store “dangerous chemicals”. Better be safe than never lah, right?

But here’s the more interesting thing: This isn’t the first time this happened.

Image: manchestereveningnews.co.uk

Manchester University in England had to be evacuated last year, but the suspected gas leak turned out to be the smell of a pungent durian.

The same thing happened at a Melbourne hospital back in 2014.


One in 5 S’porean Cancer Patients Reject Treatment, Even If It’ll Help Them Survive

Would you opt for treatment if you have a high chance of surviving cancer?

Most probably, yes, right?

But according to cancer doctors, not everyone will go for it. Even if they’re not in the terminal stage.

Some will rely on their faith to help with their cancer while others will opt for alternative treatments instead of the suggested ones.

Some were even stopped from getting treatment by their family and friends.

Doctors said that it could be due to families or friends telling them about the harm it could bring their body when they undergo standard treatment.

Either that or they have the misconception that every time they go for the standard treatment, they get worse instead of better.

But here’s the thing. Medicine has advanced and the newer drugs used for cancer treatment has less toxic side effects.

For example, if you suffered from lung cancer in the past, you’d have to undergo chemotherapy with a 20% response rate and a host of problems like hair loss, fatigue and a higher risk of infections.

Today, certain types of lung cancers have a response rate of 70% with targeted therapy and, most importantly, lesser side effects from the treatment.

However, medical oncologist Ravindran Kanesvaran of the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) said that if patients refused to be given treatment, their rights must still be respected by the doctor.

The Pigeon Problem Is Only Going To Grow Bigger Unless People Stop Feeding Them, Says AVA

Image: channelnewsasia.com

First thing first, did you know that it’s illegal to feed pigeons in Singapore? Illegal as in you can be fined up to $500 for doing it.

Then why is that auntie on the first floor still doing it? Because she’s a daredevil.

AVA said that they’ve caught 93 people feeding pigeons this year, out of which, one is a repeat offender.

In 2016, they fined 130 people, of which five are repeat offenders. A year later in 2017, the number increased to 218 with 8 repeat offenders.

Yup, the pigeon problem is growing bigger.

Image: channelnewsasia.com

AVA says that as long as there exist people who feed the birds, this problem will never really disappear.

Pigeons are an invasive bird species which brings harm to its environment and has the potential to transmit diseases to humans through their droppings.

So even if you have expired bread, don’t throw it to the birds. And tell that first-floor auntie about this too.

Marvel Avengers Movie Opens With Record-Breaking $630M in Box Office

Image: straitstimes.com

Not sure if you should pay the money to go to the cinemas for Avengers: Infinity War?

Recent news indicates that you should.

In its first weekend of opening, Avengers: Infinity War took in US$630 million (S$834 million).

The estimated earnings smashed down records set by Fast & Furious 8: The Fate Of The Furious and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

On Rotten Tomatoes, audiences gave the movie a 4.6/5 rating.

Still haven’t made up your mind? Watch the movie trailer below:

Now, who’s up for some action?

Infamous Marsiling Park Reopened After Two Years of ‘Facelift’ and It Looks Damn Chio

Remember Marsiling Park? It was a place you’d stay away from before it closed for renovation.

Residents complained to authorities about vice activities back in 2016. The park, then known as Woodlands Town Garden, was then closed for two years.

But today, it’s a park that you’re going to want to go explore.

I mean, look at this.

Image: channelnewsasia.com

And a comparison between the old and new.

The park now comes with a butterfly playground, a new boardwalk, a heritage corner and a cafe that operates 24 hours.

The park is also well-lighted so that even if it’s night time, people can still enjoy the park.

Stay near this area? Lucky you. There’s a new place to explore liao.

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