Jackie Chan Reveals How He Almost Drowned While Shooting Routine Scene For New Movie ‘Vanguard’

Jackie Chan is indeed a Jack(ie) of all trades.

A viral meme, martial artist, stuntman, film director, action choreographer, screenwriter, producer, and singer – yeah, he’s had operatic vocal training – he is perhaps best known for being an actor.

Starting out as a child actor in 1962, he went on to front iconic films such as Rush Hour and Who Am I? (cue a very confused Chan shouting the title phrase dramatically at a mountaintop).

Most notably, Chan garnered the respect of cinephiles worldwide for performing most of the complex action sequences in his movies personally.

Even at the age of 66, Chan has yet to require the service of a stuntman for most of his stunts.

But, even the strongest of men have to stay cautious when treading dangerous waters, literally.

Fell Off A Jet Ski During Filming of Vanguard

Chan’s new movie Vanguard is coming to Singapore theatres on Sept 30.

While promoting the movie at an interview recently, the superstar revealed a filming incident that nearly costed his life.

“It was a very ordinary scene, but I almost drowned.”

In a behind-the-scenes clip released, the actor is seen riding a jet ski with his co-star Miya Muqi in a speedy chase sequence.

While attempting to accelerate, the vehicle hit a rock in the water and tumbled over, sending both actors underwater.

Image: Apple Daily

Chan Disappeared for 45 Seconds

The leading actress quickly resurfaced, but Chan remained unseen.

The crew panicked and hastily coordinated a rescue mission.

Image: Apple Daily

Apparently, Chan was trapped beneath the jet ski, against protruding boulders.

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However, he maintained his composure and inched his way out.

He then caught a current that flushed him out of the tight spot, where he was retrieved by some crew members.

After going ashore, Chan promptly recounted the event as if telling an exciting story. He appeared unfazed by his close encounter with death.

The good-natured actor even tried to lighten the mood by joking with director Stanley Tong, who was in tears after Chan’s 45-second disappearance.

“The movie is finished. We both died!” He exclaimed, inducing relieved laughters from the cast and crew.

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Chan’s Life Threatened Not for the First Time

Chan can likely attribute his calmness in the face of death to his vast experience.

While filming Kung Fu Yoga in 2017, Chan complained of persistent pain in his abdomen. Stanley Tong, who was also the director of that movie, thought of the source as merely a swollen lymph.


On his advice, Chan took painkillers and continued shooting.

The pain later became unbearable. Upon hospital admittance, Chan was diagnosed with rotting abdominal muscles and intertwined intestines, both fatal if left untreated.

But, guess what?

Chan resumed work the next day.

Despite proclaiming “life is too fragile”, I think he really just doesn’t give a f*ck.



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