Jacky Cheung’s Daughter Looks A Lot Like a Young Shu Qi

Over the years, we’ve developed an (unhealthy) obsession with the children of celebrities, whether they’re local, or international.

The offspring of local celeb Zheng Ge Ping

Image: The Straits Times

The offspring of Sylvester Stallone

Image: Youtube

The offspring of Lin Mei Jiao

Image: 8 Days

And while this particular obsession can hardly be explained with mere words, one can probably attribute it to a human’s natural curiosity.

Oh wow, the kid of a celebrity? How do they look like? Good-looking like their parents or a freak show like me? Oh, golly I’m so excited to know!

Yeah, probably something along those lines.

And so, I found myself thirsting wishing to know, once again, about the children of heavenly king Jacky Cheung. After all, seeing how both parents share such godly genes, you would expect their children to follow suit.

And well, let’s just say that I’m not disappointed. Heck, the older daughter actually looks like a young Shi Qi!

Image: 8 Days

Jacky Cheung’s Daughter Looks A Lot Like a Young Shu Qi

Heavenly King Jacky Cheung’s kids are all grown up now, and from the looks of it they’ve grown up to be just like their parents.

Total lookers.

But before I break out the pictures, here’s a quick recap: Jacky actually wed his wife, former Hong Kong actress May Lo, in 1996, and they have two daughters: Zoe, 18, and Zia, 13.

As a father, Jacky was famously private when it came to protecting his daughters from the public eye. But it seems that privacy, like many things, is subject to change. While younger daughter Zia is reportedly shy and stays away from attention, his older daughter Zoe has glowed up so much that Netizens are beginning to sit up and take notice.

Image: 8 Days

In fact, they’ve done more than just a simple attention span. Digging up old photos, they began raving about how much she resembled her mother…

Image: 8 Days

And also a certain mega-celebrity.

Image: 8 Days
Image: Wikipedia

See the similarity there? We know you saw it.

Image: 8 Days

But things haven’t always been smooth-sailing

As any seasoned veteran in the field would attest to, pretty flowers would undeniably have their admirers.

Whether the admirer in question is holding another flower, however, is quite a different question altogether.

A while back, rumours were afloat that Zoe was dating a married Caucasian man, named Mathis Ekkebus, whom she was reportedly captured embracing and exchanging “I love you” messages with on Facebook.

Hongkong tabloids only added fuel to the fire, claiming to have discovered proof of Mathis being married to another woman. The mini-scandal, however, subsequently fizzled out.

Perhaps wary of this, Jacky once confessed in an interview that he and his wife have started talking to their daughter about dating and sex, in a bid to protect her.

“I’m most worried about her being hurt, but it probably will happen. It’s [my] karma,” he reportedly said.



Meanwhile, Zoe’s fresh-faced younger sister, Zia, regularly attends her dad’s concert, with a light stick in tow.

Image 8 Days
Image 8 Days

Well, what can we say?

This heavenly king sure leads the perfect life:

Status, beautiful wife, beautiful daughters.



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