Jacky Wu Surprised That He Earned S$155,000 for Taking 2 Photos in a Wedding Dinner


We all know that celebrity fans can sometimes be particularly… fanatical about their celebrity “stans”. Just talk to any teenage BTS fan and you’d figure that out.

But how much would you pay for two pictures with a celebrity?

Apparently, the answer for these newlyweds is S$155,000—the Chinese couple paid that whopping amount to Taiwanese host Jacky Wu, in exchange for two pictures with him at their wedding. 

Wu’s Recount Of The Incident

Wu recounted this strange incident on an episode of the variety show Super Followers.

He received an invite to a wedding in Shenyang city, China, and attended the gig, although he had intended to return to Taiwan initially. He was paid 800,00 yuan (S$155,000) for his appearance there.

He was also treated to a one-night stay at a high-end hotel, on top of being paid this fee.

He didn’t even perform that night, though he had prepared a performance for them.


According to him, other A-list artistes were also in attendance, and some of them actually had the chance to perform at the wedding.

He waited till 8.40 pm for his time in the “spotlight”, when he was approached by the newlyweds and told by the groom that he had proposed to his wife with Wu’s song, Do You Remember Me Only On A Night Like This (是不是這樣的夜晚你才會這樣的想起我). 

The song’s linked here, if you’re curious. It’s part of his debut album from 1987.

The newlywed couple casually snapped two pictures with Wu and moved on to the others, as if he was just a regular guest—except his attendance was worth $155,000.

Wu later realised that the groom was the son of a Chinese steel tycoon, which probably explains a lot. 

Who is Jacky Wu?

If you’re wondering who exactly Jacky Wu is and why anyone would pay $155,000 for two pictures with him, here’s a brief introduction.

Jacky Wu is a Taiwanese variety host, singer and actor who’s been in the industry for around 40 whole years. He hosts the long-running popular variety show Guess.

He’s also won numerous awards and accolades, including the Golden Bell Award on four occasions, the first of which was in 2008.

So, to the couple’s credit, they snagged pictures with a pretty prolific celebrity.

Jacky Wu’s Own Marriage

In 2000, Jacky Wu came under fire briefly for lying about his marital status; he’d concealed the fact that he was married from the public for ten years.

He married his wife Chang Wei Wei in a “simple ceremony” in 1990 attended by their parents, and his children bear their mother’s last name.

At that point in time, he was not “legally” married—the couple hadn’t yet registered their marriage with the authorities. They did this only in 2001.

His reasoning for not disclosing his marriage was apparently to “protect his children from harm”, instead of to protect his showbiz career. 

Chang spoke out regarding their marriage only because Wu kept denying he was married and continued to fool around with other women.


“I’m an entertainer, rather than a politician,” Wu said when asked about his “scandalous” love affairs. He admitted to enjoying fooling around and saw nothing wrong with his lifestyle.

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