Socialite Jamie Chua Shows Her Pink Bag Collection; Includes a ‘Useless’ Hermes Bag & ‘Never-Used-Before’ Chanel Bag

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If you use social media often, you probably would have at least come across socialite Jamie Chua.

Image: Instagram (ec24m)

And just to refresh your memory a little, Jamie Chua first rose to fame after her divorce with Indonesian tycoon, Nurdian Cuaca, after a 15-year marriage.

She had successfully demanded $332,000 a month in alimony so that she could care for both herself and her two children.

She is also famous for her insane Hermes bag collection. It’s so insane that her large collection of over 200 Hermes bag is reportedly the largest collection in the world.

Image: YouTube (Jamie Chua)

And now she’s back with showing off another one of her collections – bags in pink.

Socialite Jamie Chua Shows Her Pink Bag Collection; Includes a ‘Useless’ Hermes Bag & ‘Never-Used-Before’ Chanel Bag 

In her latest Instagram video, she showed off her pink bag collection which includes both a Hermes bag that she deems as “useless” and a Chanel bag that she has “never-used before”.

Most Useful Bag

Image: Instagram (@ec24m)

The Hermes Birkin in bubblegum pink is what she deems the most useful bag. From the size of it, it wouldn’t be a surprise since it looks like it definitely can store lots of things that can be quite handy when you head out of the house.

Most “Useless” Bag

Image: Instagram (@ec24m)

The bag she deemed “useless” is this small Hermes mini pochette, and from the looks of it, it looks like a Tiny Kelly.

She had previously called the bag “useless” back in 2018. She said, “You can’t put anything in them. Maybe like a credit card and a piece of tissue.”

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Well, she does have a point.

But it’s just so cute, and it probably cost more than your high-end smartphone.

“Never-Used-Before” Chanel Bag

Image: Instagram (@ec24m)

This Chanel bag has never been used before and there’s a reason why.

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In a separate YouTube video that she did a while back, she explained that this Chanel bag is one of the five designer bags that she regrets buying.

Largest Bag


Image: Instagram (@ec24m)

The largest pink bag in her collection is a Christian Dior tote.

Smallest Bag

Image: Instagram (@ec24m)

You might think that this would have qualified for the “most useless bag” too because it’s so small, but nope. This is just called “the smallest bag” in her collection.


This bag is a Jacquemus Mini Chiquito.

Reader Bao: Is that a keychain or what?

“Cutest” Bag

Image: Instagram (@ec24m)

In her opinion, the “cutest” bag in her collection is a Hermes doll bag.


With a cute face and leather arms and feet, it’s no wonder that she would think this bag is the cutest. After all, it does seem pretty unique as opposed to other “normal” bags.

Favourite Bag

Out of all the bags in her collection, this is her favourite.

Image: Instagram (@ec24m)

“Hardest-To-Get” Bag


Image: Instagram (@ec24m)

She described this bag as the “hardest-to-get”. It appears that this is a Hermes Mini Kelly.

Vanity Bag


Image: Instagram (@ec24m)

And last but not least, this is her vanity bag.

Since pink is her favourite colour, it’s not a surprise that she would spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy pink bags.

What do you think of her collection?

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💗On Wednesdays we wear PINK!

A post shared by Jamie Chua 蔡欣颖 (@ec24m) on


Jamie Chua, The Queen Of Instagram

As of the time of writing, Jamie Chua has 1.2 million followers on her Instagram account.

According to NextShark, she travels around with two full-time maids who “painstakingly” takes the perfect photo of her for her Instagram account.

Image: Instagram (ec24m)

Even if you’re one who doesn’t even have an Instagram account, you might have read about her early this year.

Back in Apr 2020, Chua hit the internet headlines when she uploaded an Instagram Story with insensitive remarks:


She described a “disturbing nightmare” where she was being terrorized by “Indian workers” rushing into her home.

Image: Coconuts

Remember, that was when the dormitory clusters started to form in Singapore.

Netizens were outraged by the post, slamming her remarks as thoughtless.

The story was removed and Chua posted an apology later that same day on her Instagram stories, admitting her previous post was “insensitive” and “ignorant”.


Image: Coconuts

In her apology, Chua said her intention was to share how the Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on her mental health.

According to CNA Lifestyle, Chua then went into detail about how she would be making donations to Ray Of Hope and a fundraiser by Preetipls and UTOPIA to aid migrant worker NGOs.

Preetipls Alleged Chua’s Business Partner Called Her

Later, in June 2020, Preetipls alleged that Chua’s business partner had called her after the disastrous IG story in a Twitter thread.

She used it as an example to show how exhausted she is.


In addition, she claimed that the partner gave Preetipls’ number to Jamie Chua without her permission, who later called her.

Preetipls added that the apology, as well as the donations, carried out by Chua were her ideas.

As for why she had taken the call even though she was offended? It’s because she took it as an opportunity to educate someone “of privilege and resources” about the right thing to do.

Now that you know more about Jamie Chua and her extensive bag collection, you might as well just watch our video on how WiFi routers work and how you can make them fast even at home: