It’s Going to be Cold & Rainy in the First Half of Jan 2022


Before you step out of your houses in sleeveless tops and FBTs, or dress down to the nines (masks included) to celebrate the New Year of 2022, hold onto your bags properly and pray that your smartphones are actually waterproof, because you will be needing umbrellas and ponchos as your everyday essentials for the foreseeable month of January.

Due to the current Northeast Monsoon conditions which is bringing strong north-easterly winds northwest, the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) reports that the island-state will be experiencing cooler temperatures and occasional showers of rain, with flashing lightning to steal your thunder at small gatherings in the afternoons.

Alas, I doubt anyone would be complaining about having cooler weather as opposed to the sweltering heat, because the rainy weather in early January will have daily temperatures between 23°C to 31°C.

It’s almost like free air-conditioning outside on the best of days. It means that you can finally whip out your longer sleeves and pants that have been rotting in the back of your closets, and try not to let the rain, uh, rain on your fashion parade.

 Predictable Precipitation

The wet beginnings to the year, however, seems to be common trend that Singapore has been facing for years on end.

Due to the uneven solar heating of the Earth, the pattern of wind-flows changes throughout the year, and the monsoon season is essentially when the colder air in Central Asia is carried on north-eastern winds northwest on low-level winds at a higher pressure, which forces the air to rise up, causing the water vapour to cool and accumulate in the higher atmosphere, condensing into water droplets and eventually rain clouds.

It is the wonders of Mother Nature and its wind surges that causes these frequent showers that Singapore experiences in early January on the regular.

If you’ve remembered, on 2 January 2021, the persistent and heavy rainfall then at the Changi area had reached 318.6mm, which was among the highest rainfall that Singapore ever experienced in 39 years.

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The National Environment Agency’s (NEA) annual advisory reports have also supported the fact that rainy showers during monsoon season in January are to be expected, as seen from its 2019 and 2020 reports, which both feature similar contents.

All in all, make sure you are adequately prepared for the (un)predictable weather and always have your trusty umbrella with you, for it will never fail you whether it is rain, wind or shine!

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