Everything About the Gas Leak That Caused an Explosion in a Japan Restaurant

If we’ve learned anything in 2020, it’s that everything that could possibly go wrong will go wrong this year.

A deadly pandemic, floods in Indonesia, and an earthquake in Turkey are just a few of the disasters that have occurred this year.

And now, another one has been added to that list.

Gas Leak Caused an Explosion in a Japan Restaurant

An explosion in a restaurant in Koriyama, Japan, has killed 1 and left 18 others with injuries.

Image: Twitter (YVLI_ALYX)

The blast, which occurred on this morning (30 July) at a Shabu-Shabu restaurant, was apparently triggered by a gas leak, reported The Japan Times.

The restaurant was undergoing repairs, said its owner – casual dining group Colowide -which operates a chain of the restaurants.

The group apologised to victims in a statement and said it was working with the authorities to determine the cause.

Investigators at the scene said they suspect the explosion was caused by a gas leak, after firefighters found six propane gas cylinders, three of which showed traces of gas leakage.

The restaurant’s premises was completely destroyed by the blast, with only its frame left standing afterwards.

Image: Kyodo

What’s scary is that the restaurant was located in the city’s business and commercial district, where its main train station is situated, as well as a few hospitals and schools.

The blast shattered the windows of a number of houses and other buildings which were near the restaurant.

Image: Twitter (sts_yoshida)

Two employees and two customers at a nearby bank were also injured in the explosion.

The bank branch, as well as a nearby high school, suffered some damage.

According to the Japan Times, the Koriyama Municipal Government set up an evacuation centre for residents living near the restaurant, and the area has now been closed off.

Gas Leak In India Killed 13

A gas leak of an entirely different kind occurred in May in India, killing 13 and making 1,000 others ill.

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The massive gas leak came from LG Polymers, a chemical plant in Andhra Pradesh.

Many residents had been found lying motionless on the ground, unconscious as a result of gas exposure.

Hundreds more were rushed to hospitals due to breathing difficulties and a burning sensation in their eyes.

This is why gas leaks are so dangerous. 

We hope that the 18 people injured in the restaurant explosion pull through and that the authorities manage to determine the cause of the explosion.

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