Japan Theme Parks Can Reopen But Visitors Are Advised to Refrain from Screaming While on Rides

Oh yeah, you definitely read that correctly.

Several amusement parks in Japan are preparing to reopen soon. The dates, however, are unspecified as of now.

Image: Japan Rail Pass

If your first response was ‘wait, isn’t this unsafe as heck?’ then we share that feeling.

Still, Japan’s cases have been rather controlled.

It’s not as if they’re unprepared for this of course. The East Japan and West Japan Theme Park Associations have something specially prepared for times like this.

A guideline for reopening.

No Screaming

Safe-distancing measures are something even we Singaporeans are familiar with now. Temperature taking before entering, enforcing the use of masks and refusing entry for those with fevers.

Seems normal so far right?

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But the more you delve into it, you’ll come across this section as part of the rules for guests behaviour when on rollercoasters and conveyance-style attractions in the theme park.

“Have guests wear masks, and urge them to refrain from shouting/screaming.”

Refrain from shouting and screaming on rollercoasters…?


Image: Giphy

By the way, this also applies to screaming in haunted houses or most forms of loud, vocal expressions.

Honestly, it does seem pretty absurd on first glance. But if we think just a little deeper, its sort of understandable, given that this is precisely the reason why we’re wearing masks.

Still, the reality is that someone might slip up eventually. The guidelines will at the very least make people conscious of it.

Well, there hasn’t been a more appropriate time for this meme at least.

Image: Know Your Meme

Other Guidelines

It’s pretty normal to want to take pictures with mascots and dressed-up staff at these parks. Even more so when they welcome you have open arms and big smiles on their faces.

Sadly, neither of you can get too close to each other now, too.

Costumed staff will be instructed by park managers not to have any physical contact with guests.

Moreover, all of them will wear masks too, so the whole ‘welcome to Disneyland!’ greeting loses a lot of charm without the smile.

Instead, staff will now learn to communicate with friendly gestures so park-goers would still be able to feel the welcoming spirit.

That’s wholesome and I love it.

Image: cheezburger

Amusement parks have definitely been hit one of the hardest since the outbreak, with no one being allowed inside for the longest time.

We hope this could be the first step to the industry’s eventually recovery.

And this guy’s most happy with this rule:

Image: gfycat
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