Japan Might Pay 50% of Your Vacation There, Inclusive of Hotels & Food, in The Near Future

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The topic of the pandemic has done nothing much more than gather a few sighs from people every now and then.

But if anybody’s been screwed real bad up the butt by COVID-19 it really is not us. Let’s face it: Our vibe checks are the least of everybody’s concern. Our first-world problems don’t call for a global crisis.

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For the record, the guys who work in the travel industry have had it worst.

As of April of this year, Japan’s tourism numbers have dropped by a jawbreaking 99%.

The country received just 2,900 foreign travellers this month. It is the first time that Japan’s monthly figures are down to less than 10,000 since 1964.

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According to government data, the dip is the largest to ever to be recorded.

This devastating outcome has pushed the Japanese government to come up with an appealing measure to draw tourists back to the land of the rising sun.

Japanese Government to Cover Half of Travellers’ Expenses

You read that right! The folks up in Japan have come up with an initiative that would allow for tourists to enjoy the country without breaking their banks.

All of this were put in place after the drastic dip in Japan’s tourism sector, following the global Coronavirus outbreak. Japan is one of the many countries whose borders were forced to close as a means to mitigate the global spread of the virus.

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The following programme is said to cover the tourists’ expenses in the form of discounts on accommodation, restaurants, events, and shopping.

However, the programme is yet to be confirmed and is still in its planning stages. The launch of it will also be subject to the global virus situation.

Should You Booking Your Trip Now? 

As attractive as a discounted holiday sounds, the question remains:

Is it even practical to be booking tickets with COVID-19 potentially ruining plans yet again? 

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The answer to your question – according CNBC it would take up to 18 to 24 months before air travel becomes in demand again. However, this is simply just a rough gauge.

To truth be told, nobody knows when travel would become the norm that it was before the pandemic.

As such, as enticing as such offers are online, maybe you should wait a little longer for the go signal from local and international government bodies.


This doesn’t completely eradicate your chances of visiting Japan for half of what it would usually cost! Save this in your memos and simply come back to it once travel is safe and allowed.

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In the meantime, you can still go to Japan Home.

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