Japanese Lady Started IG Account About Husband’s Untidiness And Got 216K Followers

What comes to mind when you think of Japan?

For some (me, really), it’s the sushi. For others, it’s the cherry blossoms and possibly anime characters.

Apart from being the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan is to me, the Land of the Perfectionists.

They are very big on punctuality and are a total neat freak.

Isn’t it satisfying? The OCD in me is at peace.

Image: Reddit/ itscalledANIMEdad

As if they’re not only neat in public, most of the Japanese are organized at home too.

Take Marie Kondo for example. She took the world by storm when she shared life-changing organizational tips in hopes of inspiring everyone to tidy their house. Also, her show titled “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” was released on Netflix on 1 January 2019.

I believe that was no coincidence. The goal here was to encourage all to start the year right, with a clean and tidy apartment.

With that in mind, it’s important to note that Marie Kondo does not represent the entire Japanese population.

Not everyone is as organized as her, like this Japanese man we’re going to talk about.

Japanese lady documents husband mess on Instagram

Unfortunately for most females who choose to cut back on hiring a helper, they are the designated doer of household chores and cleaning up whatever mess is present by other family members under the same roof.

This was one of the biggest pet peeves for a particular Japanese lady who had been cleaning up after her husband and nagging at him for five years now.

I guess this is the only thing her husband and Marie Kondo have in common…

Image: Giphy

However, it seems that the lady finally reached her limit. Even singers get tired of singing the same song.

The outcome? An anonymous Instagram account filled with nothing but the trail of tissue paper among other mess her husband (and once in a while, her daughter) leaves lying around the house.

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At the time of writing, it has garnered 216k followers. Seems like plenty of people can relate to this.

Yes, the time for the world to witness the horror has finally arrived.

“Throw Away Your Trash”

According to SoraNews24, the account name literally translates to “throw away your trash”.

Getting an early start to the next working day, perhaps?

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Now, I may have OCD but I’m not the tidiest person out there. Low-key impressed that there are people out there who do this acrobatic act with their hangers too.


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_ ちょっと前まで クリーニングのハンガー お金取られよるの知らんやったぞ クリーニングの価格設定 なぞい。 . スーパーの袋も 2円とかやけど 払うのいやだ 忘れたら 手に持つなり なんなりして 意地でも袋買わんぞ(笑) . ゴミ袋買って それに入れる勇者見たことあるけん真似しよう(笑) . #ネタが溜まってpost追いつかない #アカウント的には助かる #マイホームに引っ越したら綺麗なうちは一時的にネタなくなる恐れ#普通なら喜ぶべき話#だがしかし#困る#が#この旦那は一味違うはず#だと思いたい#タグ使ってみた#けど誰も使ってないタグ笑

A post shared by 旦那の散らかした物をUPするアカウント(時々 むすめ×旦那) (@gomi_sutero) on

The picture earlier can be justified but I’m with the lady on this because it’s a common sight at my boyfriend’s place. Isn’t it an eyesore to see a sink full of dirty dishes?

The Instagram account has a following of 198K users who are possibly like-minded women, wanting to know how long it would take for their husband to change for the better.

Despite the lady’s displeasure with her husband’s tidiness, she explicitly assured everyone that both of them have a good relationship.


Happy wife, happy life

Moral of the story: mess with your wife, and you’ll get your just desserts.

Fingers and toes crossed I don’t end up marrying a child who can’t clean up after himself. I guess if that happens and I’m at my wit’s end, I have to beat him at his game and be the messier one.

Image: Giphy
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