Japan’s Selling a Bag That’s Bigger Than You At Less Than $300

Image: plywood.jp

You know what’s a humpback whale, right?

Image: Gifer

But have you heard of the Humpbag Whale?

In name of creative-license, do allow me the opportunity to christen this bag the Humpbag Whale.

Image: Plywood.jp

Why? Cos it’s as large as a humpback whale of course.

A pregnant woman was so annoyed at a noisy baby that she threw a pot of burning mala at the baby. At the worst part of this? She wasn’t charged. Click on the image below to read about this shocking incident:

Image: Livejapan.com

Just like this 1:1 scale Gundam in Japan

The Stats

Made by a Japanese company called Canyon Works, under its heavy-duty specialty bag brand CWF (short for Sea Wave F), this bag weighs in at a cool 1.6 kg and boasts an equally-amazing 180 litres of storage capacity.

Image: Plywood.jp
Image: NTUC FairPrice

For the mathematically challenged, that’s about 120 bottles of 1.5 L Coke.

I’m not sure what “Director” and “Actagawa Takatoshi” means on the table too, but I think this bag is meant to be a work of art, hence the need to credit its “director” for this magnum opus.

Image: Pinterest

Me Me! I’m art too!

Some Words and more Images on this

Let’s give it up for CWF and its copywriter below:

Image: Plywood.jp

Heavy Gears- Check

Do you have someone in your office who doesn’t dare to make a call? If so, this video is for you:

Large number of ingredients to the campsite – Check

Ideal for storage of clothes after clothes change and for storing futon and can be used instead of closet – Double Check

It is convenient for carrying a lot of luggage – Damn, you don’y say. Check

So this is basically this dude in bag form and sans blue right?

Image: Tenor.com

In any case, maybe some juxtaposition is needed for one to truly comprehend the bag’s scale:

Image: plywood.jp

It doubles up as a beanbag

Image: Plywood.jp

It instantly transforms one into a Ninja Turtle

Image: Plywood.jp

Clearly larger than my boss’s ego

Huge Demand for a Huge Bag

Coming in at just S$297 before tax, this bag has been met with larger-than life demand.

Image: Plywood.jp

You can clearly tell that the bag is not only in demand, but in urgent demand, seeing as to how the bags classified under the “Shipping on the day” category is all sold out.

Whether or not the “Shipping on the day” bags come from the same “Shipping on or after the next business day” warehouse, or how they are indeed different, is not stated.

Image: makeagif.com

Possible Scenarios

Because this topic is so outlandish, as is the bag, here are some possible scenarios that call for its usage.

Image: Giphy

One more of this bag to bag more cash?

Image: Facebook (ROADS.sg)

Dabao all these PMDs and send them to Pulau Semakau?

Image: Gfycat.com

Dabao loh. Meaning take-away, big bun or big bag.

Image: Pinterest

And of course, for NSmen, this is the perfect fieldpack for you. Imagine the number of power banks, canned food and soft drinks you can slot in. Heck, maybe you strawberries can slot in your maid, too.

Because this is the bag we deserve, but maybe not the one I need now. Cos post Christmas -bo lui.

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