Jay Chou Finally Posted Rare Image of His Entire Family With a Photobomb Baby

Image: Instagram (@jaychou)

If you were following Mandopop star Jay Chou’s Instagram account, even prior to this article, you would surely have realised one thing:

The Taiwanese superstar doesn’t post many photos of his entire family.

I mean sure; he has definitely posted many photos of his wife, actress-model Hannah Quinlivan, and their children, Hathaway and Romeo, on social media.

But if you were to do a little Sherlock Holmes, you’ll discover the photos to mostly be of him with Quinlivan, or with his children.

And even then, they’ll be clad in dark glasses when they face the front, or have their backs facing the people taking the shots.

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On the other hand, if you were to comb through for a picture of the whole family…

I think you’ll find it a little hard-pressed to do so.

Jay Chou Finally Posted Rare Image of His Entire Family With a Photobomb Baby

But it seems that a blue moon does arise once in a while, as the evidently protective dad has done a number on everyone by releasing an image…

Of his entire family.

Just yesterday (26 June 2019), the 40-year-old singer-songwriter posted on Instagram a rare photo of his whole family, as they celebrated Romeo’s second birthday in June. To be fair, the children are still donning shades in the photo like genuine spy kids, but we’re willing to let it slide.

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A family photo of the Mandopop King’s wife and heritage? We’re down!

And so without further ado, let’s clap our hands together and welcome…

The one and only Chou Family.

Image: GIF Finder


Taken against a lush backdrop with colourful balloons and an emphatic ‘TWO’ to signal Jaylen’s birthday, the post came with a rather cheeky caption on Chou’s part.

“Happy birthday to my cool son Jaylen Romeo, I hope that you will grow up and diligently master the piano. This way, like daddy, you will also be able to marry a beautiful wife haha”

Hinting that Jaylen will soon undertake the mammoth task of mastering the piano, he also hinted that the piano’s the key to a beautiful woman’s heart.

Well, considering Chou’s success, that sentiment really comes through loud and clear.

As for the Netizens, reception on their part was largely positive, with some throwing in birthday wishes of their own, and one pointing out how the son has surpassed his dad in coolness.

Image: Jay Chou Instagram

But if you’re like me, you might have noticed a little ‘photobomber’ in a left corner of the photo.

Didn’t? Well, this Netizen definitely did.

Image: Jay Chou Instagram

“The child in the left corner’s pretty prominent,” he wrote.

Well, prominence is definitely the right word there.

Whether we can uncover the child’s identity, however, is quite another case altogether.

Maybe it’s the girl Jay was talking about. We never know until 2040.