Jay Chou, Who Has a Net Worth of $212 million, Was Once Spotted Taking Budget Airline with his Wife

Last Updated on 2022-11-13 , 6:55 pm

Jay Chou allegedly flies budget.

The multi-millionaire singer, actor, whatever who basically has a ton of money was recently spotted with his wife, Hannah Quinlivan, on a budget flight within Europe.

Jay Chou has a concert going on in London in March 2017 , and had opted to go for a short holiday before that within Europe with his wife. They landed in England, then headed off to Paris and Barcelona afterwards.

I’d say that’s how he could be so rich, by saving money wherever he can, but that kinda ignores the fact that he’s actually a really successful mandopop singer (I know, right?). Even though saving money is quite important, that’s probably not why Jay Chou is a multi-millionaire and celebrity.

Shit, if it was that easy, I’d be the next Warren Buffett or something.

I’d save money so hard it’ll make you rethink the definition of saving money. In fact, if I had a dollar every time I saved a dollar… uh… I guess I’ll just have double of what I saved? I’m not sure where I was going with that.


If you’re the kind who’s interested in everything your idol is doing, here are some more details.

According to the fan who snapped the pic, the couple tried to maintain a low profile, wearing matching black outfits and face masks. The both of them did not leave their seats at all throughout the entire flight, except for Hannah who went to use the toilets shortly before disembarking (that’s so…human, isn’t it?).

I really don’t know how fanatic you have to get to stare at the couple for the entire goddamn flight.

Apparently, the same dude tried to listen in on their conversations as well, as it was reported that they did not talk much to each other the entire flight, instead choosing to focus on their own phones.

Honestly, hardcore fans scare me.