Jay Chou Settles Bills For His Fans Who Said Hi At Atlas Bugis


Jay Chou is a name you, me and even that random auntie at the market is probably familiar with. But he’s not just a celebrity, he’s a kind, generous (and rich) one too.

Jay Chou Settles Bills For His Fans Who Said Hi At Atlas Bugis

Jay Chou was in Singapore for his concert which was held on 10 & 11 January.

On the first night of his concert, Jay Chou revealed that he would treat any fan who said hello to him in any restaurant on 11 January. How generous.

On 11 January, Jay Chou let the world know that he was having a meal at Chijmes by updating his Instagram stories with photos.

He hinted that he had yet to treat any fans, before mentioning that he would continue to inform his fans regarding his whereabouts on Instagram.

Reminds me of the Netflix show, ‘You’ if you ask me.

It is evident from updates on social media that some fans managed to track him down like a stalker and had the pleasure of meeting Jay Chou while he was in Singapore.


Paid For His Fans’ Drinks

On 11 January, an Instagram photo was posted at around 3.40pm.

It was a picture of him posing with a glass in Atlas, Singapore, a beautiful bar at Parkview Square near Bugis.

His caption says:

“我昨天說如果遇到我 我會請你吃飯 今天在這家餐廳幫了幾桌歌迷買單 哥是不是說話算話

And its translation, courtesy of Mothership: “Yesterday, I said that if you met me I would treat you. Today, at this restaurant, I settled the bill for several tables of fans. I’m true to my word right?”

Fans Who Got To Meet Him

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Jay Chou also posted some Instagram stories saying that he is indeed a “man of his word.”

Image: Instagram (Jay Chou)
Image: Instagram (Jay Chou)

Lucky fans!

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