Jay Chou was in Sentosa with His Wife (& Some Dogs) After Having BKT

Image: Instagram (@jaychou and @hannah_quinlivan)

Crazy Rich Asians is in cinemas now, but another Crazy Rich Asian is in Sentosa yesterday.

Two days ago, on 25 August 2018, Jay Chou visited Founder Bak Kut Teh Cafeteria at 2:00 p.m., and it created a rather big hoo-ha: after all, we’re talking about Jay Chou, the Mandopop king who has brought us classics like 黑色幽默 and 安靜.

We’re such a big fan that we’ve to do a video on him and even sang his song:

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The visit to the BKT restaurant was quite low-key: it was completely unannounced, and people only knew about it about the owner posted this.

But of course, netizens did spot him, but wasn’t allowed to take a selfie with him because let’s face it: if he obliged to every request, he would still be in the BKT restaurant taking selfies with fans. That would be one of the reasons why he needed bodyguards.

But yesterday, Jay Chou openly announced that he was in Sentosa…

…together with his wife.

20% tanning underway! #tanning #beach

A post shared by Jen Wu (@hannah_quinlivan) on

(Article continues below) Xing Xing is a 34-year-old Singaporean lady who decides to meet up with an online friend she found in Facebook. But it turns out that he’s not what he seems to be: Prepare boxes of tissue and watch the saddest Singapore Facebook love story here:

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Seeing that he went for BKT alone, and was in Sentosa together with his wife, we’re going to presume that Hannah Quinlivan isn’t a fan of Bak Kut Teh #justsaying

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Could Have Come from KL or Going to KL

Jay Chou has just finished a concert in China last Friday, and his streetwear label, Phantaci, officially opened a branch in KL on the same day. He has planned to visit the branch, so perhaps, Singapore is just a stop for him before (or after) his KL visit.

In other words, if you live in KL, be prepared to play “Spot the Jay”.

Jay Chou recently got into the news for a weird…reason

Lest you’re not aware, if you’re a superstar, everything you do would be scrutinized closely.

Whether it’s a glance, a hand gesture or simply a smile.

So when you do something that’s out of the ordinary, it’ll be reported extensively, and this is one such example.

Four days ago, Jay Chou posted this on Instagram.

The caption, translated into English, is this: “Saw a good-looking car in Taipei earlier today, so I followed him all the way to the car park. Thank you, sir, for letting me take a picture with this unique car!”

Think about it: throughout his career, cars were following him; for the first time, he apparently followed a car just to take an IG-worthy image.

Netizens of course went crazy over this, describing Jay Chou as “cute”.

So, if Jay Chou is still in Singapore and you have a nice car, you might just be followed by Jay Chou.

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