S’poreans Might Be Barred from Entering JB if They Have a Fever

You’d have known that Singapore experienced the highest jump of COVID-19 cases yesterday.

But what you might not know is that our neighbour up north wasn’t having a good day yesterday, too.

Our closest neighbour has only 25 confirmed cases on the last day of February, and just like the global trend, a spike occurred once March came—by now, it has 83 confirmed cases.

And a whopping 28 cases were confirmed yesterday; that’s like more than 30% of all the confirmed cases there.

The country is also doing extensive contact tracing and introduced travel bans to people who’ve been to certain high-risk regions like Italy, Japan, Iran and South Korea, those some of the bans were specific to certain cities or provinces.

And today, a report stated that they’re taking it one step further.

People With High Temperature at Causeway and Second Link to be Slapped with “Not to Land Notice”

Now, before you go apeshit and start to cancel all your trips to JB, hold your horses:

If you’ve a fever, you shouldn’t even leave your home in the first place, and should visit a doctor immediately.

In other words, there’s no need to panic unless you’re an irresponsible person who likes to mingle in a crowd even when you feel like shit.

According to The Star, State Health director Dr Aman Rabu said that temperature checks were conducted in all entry points to the country, including the Causeway and Second Link.

Okay, that’s not anything new.

He added, “When a visitor is found to have a high temperature reading, he or she will be referred to a clinic where further screening will be conducted.

“If the person is suspected to have the potential of carrying Covid-19 or have been infected by the virus, they will be referred to the isolation ward in Permai Hospital.”

Okay, still quite okay…

“In cases of Singaporeans with signs of fever, the health department will notify the Immigration Department.

“An NTL will then be issued to the individual by the department.”


That means if you’ve signs of fever, you cannot go to JB for that cheap and goody bak kut the le.

The solution is of course to ensure that you’ve no fever even before you leave the house—lest you didn’t know, you’re supposed to take your temperature twice a day at home.

However, as of now, no Singaporeans have been issued an NTL.

Is this excessive?

Of course not, given that we’ve something rather similar in Singapore.


In Singapore, Travellers Who Have Signs of Symptoms to Be Tested on the Spot

Over here in Singapore, anyone who has a fever or display signs of respiratory illness at all checkpoints will be tested for COVID-19 immediately with a high-tech nasal swab test that’ll be sent to a lab filled with 20 scientists for testing immediately.

While the person can still enter the country, he or she is advised to minimise contact with others, as the authorities will call him after about three hours on the test results. If anyone is tested positive, an ambulance will be sent over immediately to bring him or her to a hospital.

Needless to say, with COVID-19 now lingering in almost everywhere in the world, it’d be better to just stay in our country for the next few months and spend our cash domestically—you’d stay safe and most importantly, help the economy, too.

Just don’t spend all the money on toilet paper, please.


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