Jeanette Aw Now Studying Baking in BKK & Still Looks so Pretty While Baking

Image: Instagram (@jeanetteaw)

If you’re my age, you should have an imaginary girlfriend when you were a teenager, and her name is Jeanette Aw.

The fresh-faced and young-looking actress, who surprisingly is 39 years old this year but still looks 19 every year, left Mediacorp last year and made my colleague cried.

While she’s not under a contract, she is still free to act as a freelance actress, so we won’t be seeing the last of her.

And with well over 368K Instagram followers and 1.4 million Facebook Likes, I’m sure she won’t have vanished from the surface of planet Earth like Xie Shaoguang.

In fact, you’ll see her on the small screen (even smaller if your TV has yet to change from analogue to digital) in the Channel 8 drama Till We Meet Again (千年来说对不起) that’s going to air on 26 November 2018 at 9:00 p.m.

The drama will also have another comeback star, Julie Tan.

So, what’s with the headline? You’re here for the food and not for a Channel 8 drama, right?

Jeannette Aw is now a student in BKK

Yeah, you’ve read it right.


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Midway through Basic Patisserie 😆 #LeCordonBleu #patisserie #chef #JeanetteAw

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Our favourite Mo Wan Wan (wait, that one isn’t played by her?) is now studying bakery at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School, a rather high-SES culinary school in Bangkok, Thailand. It offers courses in French cuisine, pâtisserie (just think of it as bakery lah) and Thai cuisine, whereby she would finish her course in April 2019.

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To add on, Jeanette Aw is also the ambassador of the Bangkok school.

According to Jeannette Aw herself, the exam is almost like a MasterChef competition, whereby everything seems to be going wrong as she cooks.

And guess what?

While she agrees that starting a business in Singapore is no small feat considering how expensive it is, she’s open to the concept of a pop-up store to sell her food.

But other than having the chance to taste our imaginary ex-girlfriend red bean bread, she is also busy writing a script for her next short film.

So, which would it be first: a short film or a pop-up store?

One thing’s for sure: you’ll see her on TV before anything.

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