Darren Lin Reveals That Ex-Actor Jerry Yeo is Now a Scoot Pilot


For those who pay attention to the local entertainment scene, especially Chinese dramas, you may remember actor Jerry Yeo.

He was quite the hit back in the day, with his villainous roles launching him to mainstream fame.

However, he soon disappeared from the entertainment business.

For fans who have missed him, Yeo has now been found.

He is currently a pilot with Scoot (the budget branch of the famous Singapore Airlines).

The next time you walk around Changi Airport, see if you can catch a glimpse of Yeo. That is if you recognise him.

Here is more about Yeo and how his new job was revealed.

Local Actor Darren Lim Took Scoot Flight Piloted by Ex-actor Jerry Yeo

Earlier this week, local actor Darren Lim took to the popular social media platform Instagram to reveal how an ex-colleague of his was doing.

In the post, Lim said that he flew to Nanjing, China, on a Scoot flight.


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The surprise is that his ex-colleague, former actor Jerry Yeo, was the one piloting the flight.


According to Lim, Yeo was flying “for real” and not “acting as a pilot”.

What a revelation.

In the image, Lim is seen grinning widely with a hand on his hip. Yeo stands next to Lim with an arm around Lim’s shoulder, clad in a dashing pilot’s uniform.

Jerry Yeo Has Been Flying for About 6 Years

It appears that Yeo has had some substantial flying experience under his belt.

He has been flying for about six years now. According to Yeo’s LinkedIn profile, he ended his career as a Performing Artist with Mediacorp in 2014.

Yeo then enrolled in the Singapore Flying College in October 2015. He graduated in December 2016 with a Commercial Pilot’s License (Frozen Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence).

In January 2017, Yeo started working with Scoot as a full-time pilot and has been there ever since.

His LinkedIn profile indicates that Yeo is currently a First Officer and flies a Boeing 787.

For those who miss the actor version of Yeo, here are some pictures from his heyday.

Yeo clinched the Most Unforgettable Villain award for his portrayal of the evil character Ye Rende in “The Ultimatum” (双子星) in 2019.

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Image: Facebook (RTS, SBC, TCS and Mediacorp artistes)
Image: YouTube (@sgmediaratings)

This is Yeo now.

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Image: Facebook (Jerry Yeo [杨伟烈])
Can you recognise the actor even though he’s swapped out his fancy clothes for a pilot’s uniform and put on a pair of spectacles?