Jewel-Exclusive Pokemon Game Lets You Complete Missions & Win Prizes

From left: Pokemon River Catch, Pokemon Smile Park and Pokemon Sky Harvest. Image: Nintendo, Pokemon

Step aside, Pokemon GO. There’s a new Pokemon-themed app in town, and this time it’s taking you to one of Singapore’s hottest (as well as newest) attractions…

Jewel Changi Airport.

Image: Now Boarding Changi Airport

Titled Pokemon Explorer, the Singapore-exclusive game is developed by Jewel Changi Airport and The Pokemon Company, and was launched on Wednesday (10 July).

Image: Pokemon Explorer website

Pokemon and Jewel Changi Airport?

You got us hooked, line and sinker, fellas.

Pokemon Explorer: Jewel Edition

According to, Pokemon Explorer’s a collaboration between Jewel Changi Airport (Jewel) and The Pokemon Company to encourage exploration within Jewel.

Consisting of 10 different missions, situated all around Jewel, the game challenges players to complete them all. Top players will also be featured in the Hall of Fame (Ranking), which will be displayed at the Pokemon Center Singapore.

Some of the missions will also require players to utilise their mouths, voices and movement in order to complete the objective.


The game’s situated within the Jewel mobile app, so you’ll have to download the application in order to get going.


Lest you’re wondering, the game’s not just about Jewel.

It’s exclusive only to Jewel.

According to the airport, players must be within the mall’s premises to play the game, which is available from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. daily.

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In order to access the game, you’ll have to turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and allow the app to access the camera and microphone.

The game might be a real battery-drainer, however (especially if you play for a long time), so make sure to bring a power bank along.

Don’t have one? Don’t worry, just head down to the concierge counter at Level 2, where you’ll be able to procure one for 12 hours… for free.

Experience what it’s like to be Ash

At the start of the game, players get to pick one of 25 partner Pokemon, that will help play the game alongside them.

Do note, however, that the choice is final.

Image: Pokemon Explorer Website

Also, the partner Pokemon will be showcased alongside the player’s chosen name. Names of villains, like Team Rocket, will reportedly not be available.

Though of course, Tan Ah Kow should still be fair game.

Not entirely F2P

To clarify, the missions in the game are technically free to play.

The location where some of the missions are held, however, doesn’t quite boast the same perk.

According to Business Insiderthe Pokemon Explorer app will be offering 10 missions in the form of mini-games, and they will automatically activate once the player’s close enough to the play zones.

Some of these games, however, are located within Jewel’s Canopy Park which will cost S$4.50 for local residents to enter (and S$5 for tourists).

According to the same source, some of the games are:

  • Pokémon River Catch (catch Magikarp with a net from the rain vortex on Level 1)
  • Pokémon Sky Harvest (Use mouth movements to collect berries in Cloud9 Piazza)
  • Pokémon Berry Jungle (Collect berries from Canopy Park’s Foggy Bowls attraction)
  • Pokémon Smile Park (Take a selfie in front of the Shiseido Forest Valley)
  • Pokémon Speeding Slides (collecting berries at the Discovery Slides in Canopy Park)
Image: Pokémon

The games will reportedly also constitute two levels of difficulty. The first time you play them, they’ll be on basic mode, and from the second time onwards they’ll be on an advanced mode.

Mission incentives

And here’s where the appeal of Pokemon Explorers… really shines through.

As mentioned earlier on, names of high-scorers will be displayed in a “Hall of Fame” located in Pokemon Center Singapore. Though to save their scores, players will have to log in to their Changi Rewards account.

Also, players who complete any of the 10 missions will be entitled to a prize at the Pokemon Center, though Jewel didn’t actually specify what the prize will be. But if Sentosa’s Pokemon Carnival back in June was any indicator…

Free plush toys might be on the way.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Toy Sale)

Emphasis on the might.

And so… what’re you waiting for?

If your email username’s GottaCatchEmAll1991, and you’re always looking for additional reasons to camp over at Jewel, this is it.

Pokemon Explorer’s your game.

So head over to the App store…

And have a jolly good time while at it. 🙂

Note: According to the Pokemon Explorers website, players who are stuck on a game loading screen should quit the game and try again. For those who’re content to wait a bit, however, there’s a little Easter Egg in tow for you.

Image: Pokemon Explorer Website

Hint: Tap on Pikachu. 🙂