Jianhao Tan Gave A Rolex to His Wife for 2nd Wedding Anniversary

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In today’s edition of shining the spotlight on celebrities to avoid dealing with our mundane and very annoying problems in real life, Jianhao Tan has gifted his wife a Rolex for his second anniversary.

Hey, at least someone can actually afford a Rolex instead of scamming people into buying your non-existent or fake Rolexes.

Jianhao Tan Gives Luxury Watch to Wife

According to 8 DAYS, the YouTuber, who will be 28 this year, celebrated his second wedding anniversary with influencer Debbie Soon, his 24-year-old wife, on Friday 21 May.

They posted photo throwbacks to their beautiful seaside wedding, and commemorated the occasion with a staycation at Sofitel Sentosa. 


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But whose wedding anniversary would be complete without a five-figure-price watch made of pure consumerist gold with too many numbers on its dial that scream excess and decadence?

Not Jianhao Tan’s, evidently.

In the finest iteration of that spirit, he gifted his wife exactly just that—a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in gold. Which costs more, the watch or my university fees?

(Hint: it’s the watch.)


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Anyway, a bit more about Jianhao and Debbie.

The couple dated for two years before becoming engaged in 2019 at another Sentosa hotel, the Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa. The proposal video quickly became a fan hit, rising to the top 20 trending YouTube videos in Singapore.

Their daughter, Starley Tan, came into being on 19 September the same year, and is already a celebrity with 142,000 followers on Instagram despite not even being two years old yet.


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I wonder what’ll happen when she starts school. Will “Starley Tan Studies for PSLE” become the most watched Studyblr video on Singaporean YouTube?

Apparently, giving Rolexes is a trend now, with actor Maxi Lim, 34, also giving his wife a Rolex for their first wedding anniversary. 

But, well, that Rolex doesn’t look as good as Jianhao Tan’s blingy rose gold. Maxi, you’re the older one here. Do better.


Maxi and his influencer wife, Lizy Teo, married last year in a small, socially distanced ceremony on March 29, right before the circuit breaker made most things impossible. 


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Their son is now seven months old and is named Reign. However, Maxi originally toyed with the idea to name him Ethan because, well, it sounds like “eaten”, according to 8 DAYS.


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Apparently, this is a reference to his frequent use of the phrase “eat bro”. But, oh well, now he will not be eaten by anyone. At least so we sincerely hope.

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