JianHao Tan’s Company Has Expenses of Over $100K Per Month & That’s Only For Payroll

It’s common to hear people say things like this: “You know, if I’ve got some spare time, I’d like to do some videos and upload them on YouTube to earn some bubble tea money.”

What if I tell you that you’ve just insulted many YouTubers?

After all, you won’t say, “You know, if I’ve got some spare time, I’d like to do a bypass surgery for some patients and earn some bubble tea money.”

Because if you’ve often thought that making videos is easy, this would most probably change your mind.

JianHao Tan’s Company Has Expenses of Over $100K Per Month & That’s Only For Payroll

When it comes to JianHao Tan, you might think of “types of” videos.

Well, here’s the news you never asked for: he has said in an interview with South China Morning Post, “It’s now my life goal to make every possible ‘types of people’ video.”

But before you lobby for YouTube to shut down, you probably didn’t know that JianHao Tan has many other channels and these channels have other types of contents, from interviews to vlogs to even toy reviews.

And what you confirm-plus-chop didn’t know is that the young man isn’t just a YouTuber; he’s a CEO of a digital media company who happens to be on screen.

His company, Titan Digital Media, has 30 full-time staff, and doesn’t just create videos on YouTube; it, according to its website, “specializes in creating customized and strategic marketing campaigns specific to your brand’s needs.”

And here’s the thing: the company’s monthly expenses for payroll can be up to $100,000—common for any company, but perhaps unheard of for a “YouTuber”.

Like him or hate him, the guy started from his room before becoming a boss today.

YouTube isn’t a Game

Like what he said, “We’ve evolved from just a YouTube channel to a company with three core pillars: a digital marketing agency, a talent management company, and a content network…We’ve built an ecosystem that nicely positions us in the local media landscape.”

The 27-year-old, who made it to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 when he was mere 22 years old, is also a mentor to younger creators.

So, whoever says that he’d love to do YouTube video when he’s free: it’s time to eat your words now.


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