JianHao Tan is Making a Movie & It’ll Be Free for All to Watch

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JianHao Tan. How do I even begin?

He drives a BMW i8, which costs a whopping $628K—which is, of course, much more expensive than a five-room HDB flat.

He has a YouTube channel that has over 3.7 million subscribers—when the population of Singapore is mere 5.8 million. He’s the CEO of Titan Digital Media, a “regional leader in influencer marketing” that “specializes in creating customized and strategic marketing campaigns”.

And if you follow him on Instagram, you’d know that the 26-year-old is living the “influencer’s life”, with him buying authentic  LV or Gucci items like they cost just $10 per piece. If you were to drink a sip of Tiger beer for each time you see him in high-end branded clothes, then you’d be drunk within minutes (though I don’t know why you’re looking at him every second).

The YouTuber upgraded his status recently, with him becoming a husband and father within a short period of time because #shotgunmarriage

I bet you already know all these: love him or hate him, he’s one of the most successful new media darlings that brands would kill for.

What you might not know is that the YouTuber also has a series in his YouTube channel, the Class T1T5 series. It’s so popular, its Instagram has over 108K followers:

Needless to say, the views for the videos are astonishingly high too, at about 2 million to a whopping 15 million views per video.

Image: Memegen

It seems like the guy’s not stopping: because recently, he made a big announcement on YouTube, saying that he’s going to make a movie, and it’ll take $500,000 to produce it.

Now, before you search for the video, hold your horses and read on, because that video has been removed.

But anyways.

In that video, he’s looking to crowdfund the movie with an Indiegogo campaign, and urged his fans to chip in.

It’s not a mainstream movie that’ll be distributed to cinemas per se, but more of a featured-length YouTube video.


But for some reason, the BMW boy changed his approach.

Suddenly Change

So, all of a sudden, on 8 December 2018, the most-subscribed Singapore YouTuber posted his video:

If you’d rather spend three minutes to watch paint dry, then here’s the gist: instead of crowdfunding the movie, he’s going to fund it himself because he “decided that fans shouldn’t pay for it.”

Image: mrwgifs.com

Oh, wells.


But anyways, lest you’re wondering, the movie’s going to be about a school trip. It’s unknown whether it’s be like his other T1T5 videos, which are basically plotless listicle skits, but given that it’s going to be at least an hour long, I think the “Types of” style isn’t going to cut it.

So far, according to the T1T5 Instagram page, the cast will comprise his team and also Dee Kosh.

It’ll be out in 2020, and you can follow its progress in its Instagram page, which already has over 16K followers.

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