JianHao Tan Bought Himself a Lamborghini for his 30th Birthday


JianHao Tan just bought another car. And it’s not just any car—it’s a Lamborghini.

It was a gift to himself for his 30th birthday, which he celebrated on 14 June.

JianHao Tan Bought Himself a Lamborghini Huracan Evo for his 30th Birthday 

On Thursday (15 June), local influencer JianHao Tan shared an Instagram post flaunting the newest car added to his car collection, which he bought as a 30th birthday present for himself.


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No, you’re not looking at a Strides Taxi (although it’s understandable if you think you are).

You’re looking at a Lamborghini Huracan Evo—a supercar with prices starting from $998,000.

It’s time for a Lamborghini race between Naomi Neo and JianHao Tan.

The 30-year-old also flaunts his new ride on his TikTok, sharing that the Lamborghini Huracan Evo was his dream car.

@thejianhaotanIt’s a dream come true 🥺 even comes with free footprints♬ Danza Kuduro – Original Mix – Don Lore V

We wonder what else JianHao has on his “Dream Car” list. If you recall, his wife, Debbie Soon, bought him the million-dollar Mercedes-AMG G 63, which he also claimed to be his dream car.

Rich people problems lah. The only list I have is a laundry list of debt.

In the 27-second TikTok clip, JianHao also shows his daughter, Starley, attempting to climb onto the new Lamborghini.

Eventually, Debbie carries Starley up to sit on the car’s windshield, to which JianHao jokes that his vehicle now comes with free footprints.

Image: TikTok (@thejianhaotan)

Good for him… My Hot Wheels comes with a free box and a plastic bag. If I’m lucky, the auntie might call me pretty and give me a free sweet.

In the clip, Debbie dons a neon green dress matching the colour of the Lamborghini.

Spot the difference (difficulty: impossible): which is the wife?


Perhaps the only downside to JianHao’s new ride is that there’s only room for one passenger princess in the two-seater—will it be for Starley or Debbie?

Well, it didn’t seem to be a difficult choice for the 30-year-old. In the TikTok, he shows his daughter chilling in the passenger seat while Debbie waves goodbye from the road, captioning the clip with “Sorry wifey”.

Image: TikTok (@thejianhaotan)

Debbie, it’s time to take back the Mercedes you gifted him in April.

JianHao Tan Meets Cristiano Ronaldo to Celebrate 30th Birthday 

If you thought buying himself a Lamborghini was all the YouTuber did to celebrate his 30th birthday, think again.

Aside from taking a trip to Phuket on the days leading up to his birthday, he also had a private fan meeting with the football star Cristiano Ronaldo.


Squeezing together with a bunch of other fans in Botanic GardensPfft.

Earlier this month, on 4 June, JianHao posted on Instagram sharing his wife’s early birthday gift for him: bringing him to meet Cristiano Ronaldo.


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From the Mercedes to a private fan meeting with Ronaldo, all we can say is: Debbie knows her way around gifts.

JianHao also took to Instagram to share how he celebrated his 30th birthday at the cocktail lounge “Here Kitty Kitty”.


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He writes in the post’s caption: “I don’t have friends, I got family”.

And now, a Lamborghini as well. What more could you want?