Jin Yinji’s Victory in Star Awards Went Viral on the Internet, Too


Star Awards used to be a to-watch annual show I can’t miss: other than voting for my favourite celebrity, I’m always excited see any impromptu speeches that went wrong (okay, and any accidental falls): who can forget Li Nanxing’s “我无所谓?”

Yesterday, the talk of the show was Jin Yinji’s getting into the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes.

For the uninitiated, the Top 10 Most Popular Female / Male Artistes are the most coveted award: it’s given to the 10 most popular actors and actresses, and the results are based on two factors: public voting (which you and I can do so) and results of 1,000 people polled conducted by a third-party market research company that supposedly represent “a wide demographic of Singapore’s population”.

The only reason why Jin Yinji’s victory went viral in this footage by Channel NewsAsia is obvious: in June 2017, it’s revealed that Jin Yinji allegedly received a pay cut, and was treated with “disrespect”.

Later, it turned out that the “disrecpect” part was made ten years ago. The story slowly died off, and many people forgot about this epsoide.

Well, until this happened.

I was expecting her to say something shocking, but she spoke as if she was reading a script (geddit?). Still, it went viral, garnering over 1K Shares in less than 10 hours (you might want to read the comments, though).

She did, however, mentioned about the incident at 2:28, saying that she has “let go of that incident”.


But still, congrats to Jin Yinji: she’s one of those actresses in Singapore who can act so well, she should even be in Hollywood #justsaying

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