Blackpink’s Jisoo Confirmed to be Dating Descendants Of The Sun’s Ahn Bo-hyun


Blackpink’s Jisoo is in a Relationship

So, if you’ve been living under a rock, you might’ve missed the latest buzz in the K-pop world. Blackpink’s Jisoo and South Korean actor Ahn Bo-hyun, famed for his roles in hits like Itaewon Class and Descendants Of The Sun, are the newest couple in town. Yep, you heard it right!

Now, for those doing the maths, Jisoo is ringing in at 28 this year, while Ahn Bo-hyun is a tad older at 35.

How did this even come out, you wonder.

How Their Relationship was Revealed

Blackpink is currently taking a breather from their electrifying Born Pink world tour. They’re set to light up the stage again on 11 Aug at the iconic MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, USA.

And while the Blackpink members have been pretty hush-hush about their personal lives, today (3 Aug) was a game-changer.

Dispatch, the ever-vigilant South Korean media outlet, dropped the bombshell.

They shared snaps of Jisoo and Ahn Bo-hyun making an exit from Jisoo’s apartment.

Image: Dispatch

Word on the street is that Jisoo, being the home-loving gal she is, prefers cozy nights in after her overseas gigs. So, it’s no surprise that the duo often hangs out at her Yongsan pad.

Now, a bit about Ahn Bo-hyun for the uninitiated. This guy started off strutting the runway in 2007. But it wasn’t until his acting gigs kicked off in 2014 that he truly shone. While he’s been in a slew of films and TV dramas, it was Itaewon Class (yes, that show we all watched due the world was in lockdown) in 2020 that really put him on the map. Playing the baddie Jang Geun-won? Nailed it.

The Official Word

Not one to let rumors fester, Blackpink’s agency, YG Entertainment, stepped up.

Their statement? “They have just started their relationship in the stage of getting to know each other with good feelings. We would appreciate if you could watch the couple with a warm gaze.”


Ahn Bo-hyun’s crew at FN Entertainment echoed the sentiment.

Blackpink was just in Singapore in May for their Born Pink world tour concert. You can watch this video on what happened during the concert: