JJ Lin Back In S’pore For Mum’s Birthday Celebration At Geylang Karaoke Outlet

Being a world-touring superstar is no easy feat.

Of course, it’s not like I have any experience with it, but I presume that artists spend a lot of time in hotel rooms, airports and generally everywhere that’s not their home country.

But it’s a fact that no matter how famous you get, you never forget where your home is, especially when family is involved.

This is certainly the case for JJ Lin.

Though he might be called up for his ICT or IPPT, but I digress.

JJ Lin Back In S’pore For Mum’s Birthday Celebration At Geylang Karaoke Outlet

JJ Lin took a break from his Sanctuary World Tour 2.0 concert in Zhanjiang City, China on 30 November 2019 by flying back home to Singapore.

P.S. For those who are unaware (you must be living under a rock), JJ Lin is a famous Singaporean Mandopop singer.

It was a brief break before he was due to have another concert in Kuala Lumpur on 7 December.

If you’re wondering what he does during his breaks:

Celebrates Mum’s Birthday

At the beginning of this year, Lin had spent some quality time with his mum in Taipei during Chinese New Year.

Here’s an adorable picture of them:

So it’s pretty obvious that Lin will always make time for his mother. Despite having a hectic touring schedule, it’s heartening to see that this time is no different.

An Instagram post on 4 December, his mother had a “December Babies” party at Melody karaoke.

For those who are interested in paying a visit (in a totally none creepy way), the karaoke place is owned by Lin’s family and is located in Geylang.

Image: Instagram (JJ Lin)

Here is a picture of Lin and his mother enjoying a nice meal.

Image: Instagram (JJ Lin)

And another with a beautiful cake and lots of birthday and Christmas decorations in the background.

I must also comment on the 10/10 lighting in the room.

Image: Instagram (JJ Lin)

And here is another with the other presumed December Babies. Everyone seems to be holding up their own mini cake.

You get a cake, you get a cake, everyone gets a cake!

And head’s up guys, Lin will also be performing a concert for his Sanctuary World Tour in Singapore on 22 December 2019.