JJ Lin Found Parking His Car Illegally Again, This Time It’s an ‘Old’ BMW Instead of Ferrari


You know who JJ Lin is.

Image: Shanghai Daily

But you might not know that JJ Lin, Singapore’s very own Mandopop star residing in Taipei, has been caught parking his BMW outside his yet-to-open new café illegally on 5 May 2020.

How This Happened

On the late evening of 5 May 2020, JJ Lin went to check on his new café which was still under renovation. He was seen tasting some food in the café with his friends and enjoying himself while interacting with them.

Image: Appledaily

After spending 20 minutes in the café, he walked out carrying a metal container in his hands and headed towards his BMW.

Image: Appledaily

He placed the container in the boot before driving off.

Although he was wearing a cap, a mask and donned in an unassuming getup, he was still caught on camera by sharp eyes that spotted him.

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It’s Taiwan after all, whereby paparazzi would stalk any high-profile individual, unlike Singapore whereby self-righteous people would take images of people who didn’t wear masks and shame them online.

Now, if this sounds familiar, read on.

Not His First Car-Related Scandal

In March 2019, JJ Lin had also been photographed parking his Ferrari on a red line where parking is not allowed. The incident similarly happened in Taiwan but the exact location was not revealed. The Singapore singer is known for owning many luxury cars, though it’s in Taiwan lah.

Image: Appledaily

He has, on multiple occasions, been seen driving a Ferrari GTC4Lusso, Ferrari 458 Speciale and McLaren 720S.

The Singer’s Response

JJ Lin’s agency has responded by explaining that cars would park for a short while right in front of the new café’s entrance as the store is still under renovation.

However, the agency apologised for going against the regulations and obstructing pedestrians.

Further information was not disclosed since the café is still in its preparation state.

Curiously, his agency has also added that the BMW in question is not a newly bought car.

Guess that’s what matters most.

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