JJ Lin Holding a Livestream Concert in His YouTube Channel This Friday (30 Oct) at 8pm

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30 October 2020 is a very special day.

After all, my pet spider Aragon will be having its third birthday on that fateful day!

Image: Giphy

Truly, it’s a blessing.

But to the others, 30 October is a very special day for different reasons.

And that’s especially so for all the JJ Lin fans out there, who’ve been starved of a serial eargasm since the outbreak commenced.

Yes folks, you did not read the headline wrong.

Apparently, JJ Lin will be hosting a livestream concert online this Friday (30 October) at 8:00 p.m.

Out of TGIF plans because of the pandemic? Well, it seems that JJ Lin is here to save the day.

JJ Lin Holding a Livestream Concert Online This Friday (30 Oct) at 8pm

Lest you’re unaware, JJ Lin has been described as a “walking CD” on more than one occasion.

That is to say; he sings live as well as he does in CDs.

Image: Shanghai Daily

Reader Bao: Can I check on what a CD is –

And so, one can’t help but be stroked for his upcoming performance this Friday, which is set to be broadcasted via Livestream.

According to a Facebook post on 23 October 2020, JJ Lin will be performing songs from his 14th and latest album – which comprises two parts – this Friday.

The first half, titled “Drifter”, has six songs.


The second part, which is named “Like You Do”, is predicted to have eight.

Thus far only one song in “Like You Do” has been unveiled: “While I Can”.

Image: Spotify (JJ Lin)

Netizens Are Stoked

After the revelation was announced on JJ Lin’s Facebook page, Netizens could not help but roar their approval.

Some proceeded to convey their happiness at the news.


Image: Facebook (林俊傑 JJ Lin)

Image: Facebook (林俊傑 JJ Lin)

Image: Facebook (林俊傑 JJ Lin)

And though some were lucky enough to be free for the Livestream concert…

Image: Facebook (林俊傑 JJ Lin)


Others aren’t quite as blessed in the luck department.

Image: Facebook (林俊傑 JJ Lin)

For the record, the poster reads:

“I love my job.”

Livestream Details

The concert is slated to commence at 8:00 p.m.


It will supposedly be livestreamed via DouYin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok, as well as JJ Lin’s Youtube channel.

For more updates, you can click here.

And for a reminder of JJ Lin’s live singing prowess, here are a few songs to jolt your memory.


Livestream Concerts

Following the Coronavirus outbreak, various musical artists and groups have hosted their own livestream concerts for the public.

These include the likes of Aaron Kwok and Mayday.