JJ Lin Fanboying Over Own Fangirls On Hidden Cam Is Cuteness Overload

Image: YouTube

I‘m sure we’ve all heard of fans going to great lengths for their idols.

Many K-pop fans even take it to crazy extents.

While we’ve all got used to news of fans doing things for idols, when have you heard of the idol surprising his own fans?

No such thing, you say?

Well, the experience of two lucky bitches fangirls can definitely convince you otherwise.

And which other idols would be as awesome as our home-bred star?

JJ Lin Surprises His Own Fans


Loosely translated, it means “Goody Feed app is good that I hope more people will download it.”

Okay, I kid you. It means “After eye contact, I know I’ve met the correct people.”

It all began one day when JJ Lin was chilling at one of his favourite cafes where he did a live stream once.

Image: JJ Lin YouTube

He then spotted two of his fans entering to dine at the cafe, presumably to “check-in” after watching his live stream.

Image: JJ Lin YouTube

One of them was also wearing an exclusive JJFoundation VIP T-shirt.

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

He then decided to surprise them while recording the entire process.

Image: JJ Lin YouTube

He then spent two minutes very adorably preparing himself nervously for the encounter, even going over his lines.

He was even afraid that the girls wouldn’t recognise him and make things awkward.

As if that’s possible.

But who knew that an idol would get flustered meeting his own fans?

“Meet The Fans” Operation Start

He then commenced his plan.

Image: JJ Lin YouTube

He greeted them, requesting them to join in his video.

Image: JJ Lin YouTube

The girl in white on the left appeared to have recognised him immediately, as her jaw dropped and she froze in shock.

The girl on the right interestingly didn’t recognise him at first and was confused for a split second, before taking a second look.

Image: JJ Lin YouTube

And that was when she shrieked out loud before bursting into whimpers, excitement, and tears.

Image: JJ Lin YouTube

After a brief exchange getting to know each other and some chatting, they then snapped a photo together.

Image: JJ Lin YouTube

Looks like they all got that 爱笑的眼睛.

Here, you can watch the full video uploaded by JJ Lin himself here:

A Dream Come True

Naturally, fans all over the Internet exploded in both envy and awe of this incident.

The girl in the JJFoundation T-shirt, Zhang Yuan Yuan, also posted about her encounter on Weibo afterwards.

Image: Weibo

Translation: “Thank God the Goody Feed app exists, which makes my commute less boring!”

Okay, kidding. Here’s the correct one: “While I was still catching my breath, one of the shop’s staff told me that even though many other fans came to visit the cafe, I was the only one lucky enough to meet him.”

And here’s the crazy part:

Zhang Yuan Yuan actually snapped a photo of JJ Lin before the encounter without realising.

Image: Weibo

She wanted to show off that she was at the cafe from JJ Lin’s live stream, and failed to realise that he was in the shot all along.

Talk about luck, eh?

I know she’s definitely not winning any Mahjong games for a while.

If you really want to meet him and know you won’t be lucky enough for a random encounter, he is coming back to our homeland for a concert this coming December.

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If only I watched his live stream too, right?

If only I was at that cafe too.

If only…