JJ Lin Just Bought 2 Luxury Apartments for About S$19 Million; Allegedly Now Owns 4 Properties Worth Over S$25 Million


Ask anyone who the most successful Singaporean celebrity is, and they’ll most likely say it’s JJ Lin.

This homegrown superstar has grown so much since his initial debut and now he’s hailed as one of the modern Kings of Mandopop alongside other stars like Jay Chou.

Every song of his we listened to when we were younger has contributed to his success and you have to wonder – just how rich is he now?

Well, let’s put it this way. He’s an absolute baller.

JJ Lin’s Luxurious Spendings

Apparently, countless hit songs, appearing on variety shows, and massively successful concert tours have made him very wealthy.

He has recently made the headlines in Taiwan, where he’s currently based, for purchasing two luxury apartments in Taipei’s Neihu district.

Image: Apple TW

How much did he spend? NT$400million, which is about $19 million in Singapore dollars – which is more than most of us will make in our lifetime.

But if you thought that owning two luxury apartments was overkill, you thought wrong.

Because JJ owns four. That’s right.

He currently already owns one more in the same district that was purchased for SGD$4.7 million, and another in the Da’an district that cost SGD$3 million.

JJ’s S$146K Singapore Flag Camper Van

To top it all off, a couple of days later, he then proceeds to buy a whole new luxury camper van – the Volkswagen California Ocean – for another SGD$146,000.

Image: Apple TW

Yep. He spent what is basically a million times my net worth in a couple of days.

Also, notice that his camper van is red and white? Looks like his patriotism runs pretty deep. He’s probably buying moon and stars decals as we speak.

JJ’s Camping Passion

Why a camper van? Why not a Rolls-Royce or Bentley?

Well, apparently he stated that he’s a fan of outdoor activities and has several friends who are avid fans of outdoor camping.

Image: Apple TW

He enjoys spending his free time camping and relaxing with his friends, seen in his videos here:


So, now you know where to catch JJ Lin in the flesh. Go camp at random spots near forests or fields in Taiwan.

I’m just kidding, don’t actually do that.

But hey, quick question – where do you sign up to be JJ’s friend?

Now that you know where to spot JJ Lin in Taiwan, you might as well just watch our latest video whereby we simplify what TraceTogether is here: