New Job Portal Created For Sustainability Sector Has Over 80 Positions Available

We’ve talked about how the economy is suffering; people are getting retrenched and have problems finding new jobs. To put things in perspective, SARS had 5,510 retrenchments, but Covid-19 has brought about 6,700 retrenchments in Singapore.

We have also mentioned that though many industries took a hit this pandemic, other areas such as e-commerce, manufacturing, information and communications technology, health and social services, and financial services are flourishing, so job seekers may want to look into these sectors.

Today, we bring to you a new area you can find a future in.

Green Collar Careers

Green Collar Careers is a new job portal for Singapore and Malaysia.

Image: Green Collar

As the name would suggest, this site is specially curated for jobs in the sustainability sector, which encompasses energy efficiency, renewable energy, corporate sustainability and environmental training roles according to Climate Action.

The site offers jobs including entry-level to senior positions for all types of job seekers looking for a fulfilling career.

Green Collar was launched by Rusty Goh, a space engineer, and Mr Heng Li Seng, the founder and chief executive officer of Green Nudge.

Mr Heng told The Straits Times that people had been approaching him for green jobs even before, but the pandemic and the accompanying economic catastrophe doubled those inquiries.

“We realised that we could help the environment as well as allow people to gain meaningful employment in this up-and-coming industry,” says Mr Heng.

To find out if there are suitable jobs for you, you can visit the job portal here.

The Shifts in Attitude towards Sustainability

Mr Heng points out that environmental awareness has been gaining traction in the last few years.

“Among the youth, there is a desire to do something meaningful with their career, and not just work in any other job,” he says.

Of course, this is in line with the former Minister of Environment and Water Resources (MEWR)’s, Masagos Zulkifli, plan for Singapore.

According to ST, an estimate of 55,000 more new and upgraded jobs will be created in the food, water and environment sectors in the next decade.

Mr Masagos also encourages eco-minded people to influence others with the same mindset, or the efforts may not be sustainable.

“You know, a lot of people are aware of [environmental] issues that we may face but I’m not sure until people believe it, it’s almost like a religion, I don’t know whether we can sustain it if they don’t believe it,” he says.

Over the next two years, Green Collar intends to cover the rest of South-east Asia.

Maybe this is the silver lining that we needed from this pandemic – as more people are fuelled into the field of sustainability because of Covid-19, the world will surely benefit long after the pandemic is over.

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