Johor Given an Additional S$48.7 Million to Ease Congestion on the Causeway


We bring good news to those who love to go across the Causeway for a quick getaway in Johor Bahru (JB).

The queues may be a thing of the past.

Ok, even that sounds like an exaggeration to our ears.

But hopefully, the queues ease up (even if they are not currently gone) with the money the Malaysian government is giving JB to address the jams.

A total of RM 168.7 million (approximately S$48.7 million) has been allocated for JB to ease traffic congestion issues at both entry points from Singapore to JB.

Here is more about the upcoming plans to ease congestion between the two countries.

JB Has S$48.7 Million to Ease Traffic Congestion at Both Land Checkpoints

The news fresh out of the oven is that Malaysia is aware of the long jams experienced along the land checkpoints between JB and Singapore.

This has led to the Malaysian government forking out about S$48.7 million just to address traffic congestion.

Both the Causeway and the Tuas land entry points are expected to benefit from this scheme.

Three Physical Projects and Incentives for Officers Are in the Works

What can you expect the government to do with the money then?

At least three physical projects are in the works.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Fadillah Yusof, as reported by Channel News Asia, these three projects consist of adding automated border control systems, upgrading the port of entry, and building a covered pedestrian walkway along the Johor Causeway.

For the 77 additional automated border control systems, a total of RM 61.7 million (approximately S$17,900) has been allocated for now.

The port of entry upgrade at Sultan Abu Bakar Complex has a budget of RM 106.99 million (approximately S$31,000), while the sheltered pedestrian’s costs have not been revealed yet.

Which project are you most excited about? Our vote goes to the pedestrian walkway with a shelter.

Could it be possible to walk from Singapore to JB without suffering from the intense heat once it’s completed?


Apart from the physical projects, the budget allocated to the overall project to ease congestion between Singapore and JB will involve giving incentives to staff working along the border.

Those working at Johor Bahru’s Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) Complex of Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (BSI) and the Sultan Abu Bakar Complex will be eligible for the incentives, reported Channel News Asia.

The incentives are also not limited to just these few complexes, as workers at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) 1 and 2 are also eligible for the incentives.

Well, with these changes, we sure hope the congestion along the ports of entry between Singapore and Malaysia eases up soon.