Jolin Tsai Photoshop Fail Discovered & Mocked Mercilessly By Netizens, Gave Heated Reply

Quoting from our TuesdayTruthDay segment, the Internet is filled with nothing but truthfulness: that influencer whom you’ve been stalking definitely looks like a diva 24 hours a day, and travel 365 days a year.

Your friend is in a great relationship because she’s been posting lovey-dovey images on Instagram, despite the fact that you saw her on Tinder this morning.

Being that the Internet is so truthful, you can of course also expect famous stars to do the same. I mean, they were basically playing Instagram longer than us, just on actual magazine covers and newspapers and getting paid instead of just using a phone app right?

Last week, Jolin Cai (or Tsai, whichever your prefer) posted this particular close-up photo of herself spotting purple contact lenses and cornrows.

Image: Instagram (Jolin_Cai)

It would appear that the place Jolin happened to take this photo had strange decor, for the background seemed a little… crooked.

The problem is, this isn’t the only crooked spot in the photo.

Image: Instagram (Jolin_Cai)

People started pointing this out, of course.

Image: Instagram (Jolin_Cai)

“Sis, do you know that thing in your background seems crooked”

One pointed out that the wall might have been from IKEA.

Image: Instagram (Jolin_Cai)

“Maybe it’s a wall from ikea 😂

“Sis might like a realistic style”

“Don’t you think her cornrow on the left looks crooked”

One comment about her close-up shot managed to get Jolin’s response.

Image: Instagram (Jolin_Cai)

Sis, that’s not how you make your face look big 😂”

Jolin: “What’s wrong with this?

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“Very good. Nothing wrong.”

(original commenter) “Very good very good 😍”

Most of the comments are actually pointing out how beautiful Jolin looks. If anything, this shows that even stars are like us in some ways.

Throwback: Photoshop Disaster in 2010

It’s worth pointing out that a small photoshop mistake is easily pointed out in today’s world. But in 2010, a bigger disaster went relatively unnoticed.

Check out dem hips.

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Image: aiyatheydidnt

I bet someone with hips that can do that is pretty flexible and probably good with dancing.


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