Man with Only 3 Months to Live Bids Farewell to Jollibee Through a Note

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For many, death is a surreal thing. It is, after all, a realm that has not been explored, and a notion that we’ve yet to experience.

Yet one thing’s for certain; we’re never coming back.

As such, it’s only understandable that we would want to bid farewell to our loved ones before we go. Whether it’s waving goodbye to your family, your pet dog or even that weird uncle who’s always loitering at the coffee shop.

It is only logical to want to leave this world with no regrets.

Man with Only 3 Months to Live Bids Farewell to Jollibee Through a Note

But for one man, his near-death farewell was kind of an unconventional one.

Yet at the same time, it made so much sense.

On 24 September 2021, Facebook user Mechelle Centurias posted an update on the social media platform, detailing a recent experience she faced as a Jollibee manager in Cebu City, Philippines.

Spoiler alert; this one’s gonna be a real tear-jerker.

In the post, she recounted how a customer had left his receipt behind at the Jollibee outlet. A crew member, who happened to see a handwritten note at the back of the receipt, proceeded to pass it to Ms Mechelle.

Initially under the impression that it was “feedback” from a “dissatisfied customer”, the manager was, to no one’s surprise, rather hesitant. After viewing the note, however, she was swiftly moved to tears.

Lest you’re wondering, this was the note in question:

Image: Facebook (Mechelle Centurias)

And lest you don’t speak Tagalog, here’s a rough translation of what went on:

My Jollibee…

Thank you for 32 years. Today, I will eat you for the last time, because from tomorrow onwards, I will begin chemotherapy.

I have stage 4 cancer. My doctor said that I only have 3 months.

Once again, thank you, my Jollibee. Until my next life. I love you, my Jollibee.


Truly, I never comprehended how emotional a man’s love for food could prove to be.

After reading the note, Ms Mechelle tried to look for the customer in question. But he, as any routine K-Drama would hint at…

Has already left.

“I couldn’t hold my tears when I read this,” Ms Mechelle wrote.

“To this ‘brave someone’ who just prepared himself for a big fight, we pray for your recovery. The 3 months your doctor gave you can be 3 years or 3 decades or longer.

“I hope we’ve served you better and made you happy when you’re at Jollibee. Welabyu.”


You can view the full post down below:

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Featured Image: Facebook (Jollibee; Mechelle Centurias)

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