M’sian Actor Almost Choked to Death on the Plastic Ring of a Mineral Water Bottle

I’m sure I speak for nearly everyone when I say that a mineral water bottle is the best thing in life.

Sure, it could cost a bomb if you walk into the wrong convenience store for it. And sure, it might not have as much water as, say, your tap.

But in the event of a heatwave, it’s the best thing you could possibly have.

Yet despite everything good about a mineral water bottle, it’s imperative that you practice one defining step when drinking from it.

Remove the plastic ring.

Because as exaggerated as it may sound…

That ring may well be the ring of death. For you.

M’sian Actor Almost Choked to Death on the Plastic Ring of a Mineral Water Bottle

Doubtful? Just ask Malaysian actor Jordan Voon, who learnt his lesson the hard way.

So lest you’re unaware, the 56-year-old is an award-winning artiste who previously swept the Best Actor award at the 4th Golden Awards in 2017. It was presented by television channel ntv7.

Suffice to say; he’s not just any actor.

Yet it seems that as established as he is, he still nearly failed to overcome the curse of the damn ring:

One that sits innocently atop a, you guessed it, mineral water bottle.

At around 4:30pm on 15 September 2021, the actor had felt thirsty, and as such reached for the water bottle beside him.

Due to a force of habit, which involved an unwillingness to let the bottle touch his lips, he opted to open his mouth and let the water slide in from above.

But as it turned out, it wasn’t just water gushing into his mouth.

Out of nowhere, something “hard” slid in as well. And it got stuck.

Panicking, he tried to cough it out, but the alien object ended up in an even deeper spot.

In Voon’s own words, the sensation was akin to some sort of force choking him.

By the time the couple’s son had rushed in, the actor was beginning to feel “light-headed”, and was losing strength in his legs.

The entire family was getting frantic.

Fortunately, the ordeal didn’t last much longer as Voon eventually managed to eject the plastic ring. Considering how he was left in a half-kneeling position at the end, however, it’s safe to say that it hadn’t been exactly been a pleasant experience.

Thereafter, Voon posted his experience on the social media platform, Facebook to warn others about the innocent-looking plastic ring, and reminded others to remove it first before consuming.

He also conceded that it would’ve been utterly embarrassing if he had met his end because of a, well, plastic ring.

You can view the post down below:

To date, the post has garnered over 360 likes & reactions, as well as 140 shares.

Netizens have also thanked Voon for his warning, and requested for him to take care.

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Featured Image: Facebook (jordan温绍平)