Joy Luck Teahouse Opening Its First Dine-In Outlet on 14 June But Dine-In Still Isn’t Allowed Yet

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It has been three weeks ever since the measures for Phase 2 Heightened Alert kicked in.

All hail the good ol’ days where dining-in was an option.

Thankfully, our community cases have been declining, and dine-in is coming back on 21 June 2021 if the number of cases remains low.

Joy Luck Teahouse Opening Its First Dine-In Outlet on 14 June But Dine-In Still Isn’t Allowed Yet

If you’re someone who loves authentic Hong Kong treats, Joy Luck Teahouse shouldn’t be unfamiliar to you.

On 14 June 2021, they will be opening its ninth outlet at Plaza Singapura. This will also be its first outlet to have its own sit-down area for diners.

No more having to stand around by the side just to eat your Egg Tarts or Pineapple Buns. Perfect.

With 14 seats now available, you can sit down and enjoy the freshly prepared pastries to your heart’s content.

But of course, you can only do so from 21 June 2021.

Newly Launched Golden Salted Egg Crust Pineapple Bun

Since 2019, the hype for salted egg amongst Singaporeans has been a hot trend. Add in some modern twist to a traditional ingredient and bam, people are going into a frenzy.

So… is the trend going to dye out anytime soon?

Nope, it’s probably here to stay.

And this is one for all the salted egg aficionados out there. 

Image: Joy Luck Teahouse

From 14 to 16 June 2021, the newly launched Golden Salted Egg Crust Pineapple Bun will be made exclusively available at its newest outlet.

Thereafter, it will be made available at all other outlets, except for Joy Luck Yum Sing at Funan.

A blend of their signature fragrant pastry and a beloved local flavour sounds like a match made in heaven.


Opening Promotions

To celebrate the opening of its ninth outlet, Joy Luck Teahouse will be offering a lineup of promotions from 14 to 16 June 2021.

Image: Joy Luck Teahouse

  • Enjoy 10% off with every purchase of the Golden Salted Egg Crust Pineapple Bun
  • First 90 customers who spend a minimum spend of S$50 will get a limited edition Joy Luck Teahouse porcelain mug (worth S$18)

Steven Lee, franchisee of the Plaza Singapura outlet, said, “The Plaza Singapura outlet is Joy Luck Teahouse’s first to offer a seating area.”

“Once the restrictions relax, we look forward to welcoming fans of the teahouse and letting them savour the offerings, which will be served fresh from the oven.”

Featured Image: Joy Luck Teahouse

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