Actress Julie Tan Doesn’t Hesitate & Shaves Head For a Local Movie


Actress Julie Tan Shaves Head for Movie Role, Showcasing Fearlessness

For many women, the length and volume of their hair hold great significance as part of their identity.

It’s often referred to as a woman’s lifeline.

However, there are also women who are not afraid to defy norms and challenge stereotypes by shaving their heads entirely bald for respectable causes.

We’ve already celebrated the first female to complete the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Ranger Course, who had to shave her head for practical and hygiene reasons.

Now, we have a female ranger in the acting industry, Julie Tan, who has courageously removed all of her hair for an upcoming movie role.

Julie shaved her hair to play the role of a cancer patient in the film “Good Goodbye,” directed by Singaporean filmmaker Daniel Yam and distributed by home-grown production company mm2 Entertainment.

The movie, set to hit theatres in 2024, also features a talented cast, including Tosh Zhang, Shane Pow, Yang Shibin, Andie Chen, and Teo Ser Lee.

In “Good Goodbye,” Julie portrays a cancer-stricken medical social worker at a hospice.

The film weaves together three intertwining stories about palliative care and explores the characters’ courage to pursue their dreams despite the fear of mortality.

Julie’s real-life courage shines through in her commitment to this role.


During an interview with Shin Min Daily News on 12 Nov, she revealed that she didn’t hesitate for a moment when it came to shaving her head.

She was fully aware that her character required this sacrifice, not just since the start of this movie, but since the day she became an actress.

Her dedication to the role and her belief that hair can always grow back drove her to make this bold decision.

Additionally, she wore a wig on a daily basis to avoid revealing too much details of the upcoming movie.

For her, it’s all part and parcel of the acting profession, and she hopes the audience will get to see a different side of her through this role.

Almost Became a K-pop Star

Julie’s journey to stardom began when she was just 15 years old, with her debut in the 2008 telemovie “The Promise.”

While she had the opportunity to debut with South Korea’s JYP Entertainment in the now-defunct five-member girl group SKarf, she chose to pursue her acting dreams instead.

The former Mediacorp star has earned accolades, including two Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes awards at the Star Awards.

Since leaving the national broadcaster, Julie has found opportunities in China, founded her own management agency, and co-founded the restaurant Botany.


On the side, she is also a game streamer on Twitch, playing games like Valorant and Call of Duty.

Image: Instagram (@julietan_cxq)

Julie’s Inspiring Fearlessness 

Julie’s fearlessness and adventurous approach to life, at the age of 31, have garnered respect and admiration from not only her fans but also netizens who have become her fans.

In August, Julie made headlines as the first local actress to freeze her eggs after ending a four-year relationship.

The legalisation for single adult women to freeze their eggs only went through this July.

Additionally, Julie openly shared her experience of being sexually harassed online when she was younger, with the hope of encouraging more people to report similar incidents of abuse actively.